iOS Frequently Asked Questions

What does Mobolize Secure Wi-Fi protect me from?

Mobolize Secure Wi-Fi protects private data and information on public Wi-Fi hotspots

How is my Wi-Fi traffic secured?

When Mobolize Secure Wi-Fi detects that hotspot is either open or unsecure (e.g. WEP), it will automatically enable encryption for both web and application HTTP traffic before it leaves the device, using the highest security supported by that client (e.g. TLS v1.0 or greater)

Mobolize Secure Wi-Fi encrypts your data using a VPN, it automatically establishes the VPN connection only on public hotspots

What is a VPN?

A virtual private network (VPN) creates a private network connection between two parties. For example, it is commonly used to connect your device to your work network.

In the case of Mobolize Secure Wi-Fi, a VPN is created on your iOS device to connect the Mobolize Secure Wi-Fi app with an external Mobolize VPN server to encrypt your unsecured (HTTP) traffic.

Does Mobolize Secure Wi-Fi encrypt traffic that is already encrypted?

No, Mobolize Secure Wi-Fi only encrypts unsecured (HTTP) traffic.

Does Mobolize Secure Wi-Fi impact my battery?

Mobolize Secure Wi-Fi has minimal battery impact, consistent with any other app securing traffic.

When does the VPN get enabled?

Mobolize Secure Wi-Fi will automatically establish a VPN for you when you are on an open public Wi-Fi hotspot, so there is nothing you need to do.

I’m connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot, but why don’t I see the “VPN”?

If you’re on a private Wi-Fi network which already has encryption, your traffic is already secured and enabling the VPN for this case would only add unnecessary overhead.

There may be an occasional delay before iOS allows our app to enable the VPN.

Why does the “VPN” sometimes disappear/reappear in the status bar?

OS automatically disconnects the VPN when the phone goes to sleep, and network activity will trigger it to reconnect.

iOS may be automatically connecting to other public hotspots of the same name as one you’ve connected to previously (e.g. CableWi-Fi, Starbucks, Boingo, etc.)

The VPN icon will appear when you connect to a public or unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot and will disappear when you connect to a secured Wi-Fi or Cellular only connection.

Why does the VPN sometimes not connect/appear for some public hotspots?

Some public hotspots block VPN connections, Mobolize Secure Wi-Fi detects this and automatically handles this by not trying to establish a VPN connection on these hotspots

Why am I sometimes unable to access the internet for some public hotspots?

Many public hotspots require you to login before allowing Internet access, which you can do by opening a browser.

This could also be due to poor signal or network congestion due to too many users, etc.

Why does my iPhone/iPad automatically connect to a public hotspot?

iOS may be automatically connecting to other public hotspots of the same name as one you’ve connected to previously (e.g. CableWi-Fi, Starbucks, Boingo, etc.)

Does this app slow down my network?

There may be a slight reduction in speed due to the encryption used to protect your traffic.

Does the secure Wi-Fi app run all the time?

The app is always monitoring so it can automatically protect your W-Fi session when needed.

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