Enabling Powerful Data Traffic Management on the Endpoint

Deliver the best modern security and connectivity efficacy to endpoint devices used by today’s hybrid workforce with the patented Mobolize Data Management Engine

Residing on all endpoint devices, the Data Management Engine intelligently controls traffic routing resulting in high-performance, precise, policy-based data traffic control.

By enabling our partners to deliver security and connectivity requirements for endpoint devices on and off corporate networks, including managed (MDM) and unmanaged (BYOD) devices, their enterprise and consumer customers benefit from an always connected, always protected experience without sacrificing device performance.

Intelligent Traffic

  • Traffic Management Engine intelligently directs data traffic using fine-grain, precision control routing analysis
  • Ensures no broken apps or services
  • Flexible security management based on each partners’ rules for all devices across any network
  • 100% app compatibility allowing SASE to work on all mobile devices

Supports All Devices with a Common Code Base

  • Uses a single client that works on all operating systems – Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Chrome and Linux
  • Makes maintenance easier, faster and more manageable, especially for smartphones
  • Allows a faster time to market
  • Provides a single SmartVPN® client for both ZTNA and SWG
  • Delivered as a client-based SDK

Support for MDM and BYOD Devices

  • Increases device cybersecurity control for data access when using devices outside the corporate network
  • Seamless security for employees using devices managed (MDM) or unmanaged (BYOD)
  • Detects if a device can be trusted before it allows access to corporate servers thus securing against lost/stolen/compromised devices

Mobolize Case Histories

Our Data Management Engine works best for mobile endpoints. Let our customers tell you.


ZTNA enabled on endpoint devices for one of the largest cloud computing services


Wi-Fi security and Wi-Fi/cellular bonding for a Tier 1 mobile operator


Enterprise and consumer DNS-based security delivered on mobile devices for a leading enterprise security company


Mobile security and bonding for both MDM and BYOB devices for a major domain registry


Enhanced security and connectivity on any network – anywhere – for a major SaaS supplier to Communications Service Providers

Mobolize’s technology works best for delivering Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and other modern security solutions to endpoints including Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA.)
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How the Data Management Engine and Fine-Grain Routing Works

Deployed on endpoint devices, our patented Data Management Engine uses fine-grain routing to intelligently manage data traffic to deliver security and access with optimal endpoint device performance.

  • Fine-grain, precision routing for all data on endpoint devices results in flexible traffic management that doesn’t break VPN-sensitive apps
  • Precision management of all types of data traffic including DNS and by hostname, app, port and protocol
  • Core architecture runs on a common code base across all platforms resulting in easier, faster and more manageable maintenance and a faster time to market

Security and Smart Connectivity

Our Data Management Engine turbocharges mobile security and connectivity solutions. Find out more about the rich features powered by Mobolize.

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