• Mobile users want more than security, they want continuous connectivity too
  • Only Mobolize’s on-device Data Traffic Management Engine keeps mobile users connected and protected
  • The results are an enhanced customer experience

On-Device Data Traffic Management Engine
Keeps Mobile Users Connected & Protected


Users Stay Connected and Secure

Mobile subscribers demand to always be connected and protected. They expect moving between cellular and Wi-Fi networks to be seamless and there’s increased concern about data security. If connectivity or security fail, the user blames their network provider.


Traffic Manager on the Device

Our unprecedented and patented Data Traffic Management Engine resides on the device where it immediately identifies and responds to issues, and manages data traffic for the benefit of the user.


Enables Better Performance

We make connections seamless between Wi-Fi and cellular networks, eliminating dead zones of poor browser and app performance. Our smart security solution automatically turns on to keep users secure on public Wi-Fi without breaking apps or draining batteries.

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From Mobile Security to Wi-Fi and Cellular Bonding to Data Optimization


Mobile Security

Traditional VPNs offered by other vendors aren’t user friendly or smart. They quickly drain battery power and break apps – meaning Netflix (and other apps) can’t be watched. Mobolize’s SmartVPN® easily solves these problems with smarter Wi-Fi security, resulting in improved performance and greatly reduced frustration.


Mobile Connectivity

The handoff to cellular is often prevented or blocked at the edge of Wi-Fi networks because the mobile device hangs onto a Wi-Fi network even though it is not functioning. That’s a dead zone. The way out is on the device itself, with a seamless, smooth handoff between Wi-Fi and cellular connections. Results are a better mobile experience.


Mobile Optimization

Maximizing data use and performance is the gold currency for mobile operators and subscribers alike. Whether managing data plan costs or Roaming plans, on-device optimization techniques make both users and operators happy.

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Keep Mobile Users Connected and Protected

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