Enabling Powerful Data Traffic Management on the Endpoint

Mobolize operates on endpoint devices

where data security and connectivity are critical

Our on-device software client, powered by our patented Data Management Engine, intelligently manages data traffic to enhance security, enable precise routing and improve connectivity.

The Mobolize Data Management Engine enables fine-grain targeting and routing of any data packet, port or protocol from Layer 3 (IP flows) to Layer 7 (app-aware path) across any network to which the device is connected. That means equal capabilities for managed (MDM) and unmanaged devices (BYOD).

Data Management Engine Benefits

Comprehensive Traffic Routing

  • Fine-grain routing, including split tunneling of any network flow and protocol, to precisely deliver data traffic where it needs to go
  • Works seamlessly with existing “on-premise” solutions. Mobolize automatically extends and enables “off-premise” without the overhead from tunneling all traffic to the cloud or branch offices. No extra hardware is required.
  • Direct-to-origin routing from the device enables the lowest latency (hops), highest performance and maximum scalability
  • Supports modern authentication like OpenID/OAuth which supports continuous user verification and data inspection
  • Endpoint based FWaaS, DNS Security and URL Filtering to prevent threats and block content
  • Works across any network the device is connected to and can enhance data performance on smartphone/tablets by leveraging both cellular and Wi-Fi

Built From a Single Code Base
for Every OS

  • Single code base enables feature parity and the fastest time-to-market for launch and future enhancements
  • Available for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows OS, ChromeOS and Linux

Equal Support for Managed and
Unmanaged Devices

  • All features are supported for managed (MDM) and unmanaged (BYOD) devices
  • Delivered as an SDK or a fully branded stand-alone application

Welcome to next-gen endpoint security and connectivity

From on-device Wi-Fi security to intelligent endpoint-to-cloud connectivity,
Mobolize enables our partners’ strategic differentiation and success on any endpoint.


Enables Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), including Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN).

Fine-grain routing, including split/multi tunneling of any network flow and protocol delivers the exact data traffic to exactly where it needs to go. Working as an intelligent endpoint client connector, data is captured and routed where needed, including direct to origin. This provides support for preferred protocols allowing users to work seamlessly and securely from anywhere, without the need for additional hardware such as enterprise routers or pucks.

Learn more about Access.


Provides DNS, IP based security and URL scanning (FWaaS) to protect data assets and reputations, blocks security threats and filters inappropriate content.

Proactively blocks threats before any web connection is made. Designed to be effective across all ports and protocols, thus protecting against malware that does not use standard web ports and protocols.

Learn more about Protect.


Encrypt protects data privacy when using Wi-Fi by automatically encrypting unsecured content and ensuring connections are safe.

SmartVPN® enabled encryption maximizes security and performance by encrypting only what needs to be and allows already encrypted traffic, such as banking apps, to go direct to origin (no intermediary server), which avoids breaking VPN sensitive apps and services.

Learn more about Encrypt.


Mobolize Bond intelligently leverages both cellular and Wi-Fi radios to create a smooth, seamless handoff between the two. The result is no frustrating dead zones so mobile users stay connected without having to manually change between networks.

Bond uses the cellular network to seamlessly reduce data disruptions on Wi-Fi networks so most apps, browsers and videos work seamlessly, even when the Wi-Fi data connection is poor.

Learn more about Bond.

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