Enabling Powerful Data Traffic Management on the Endpoint

Connecting Endpoints to Cloud & Carrier Services

Our patented Data Management Engine software, deployed on endpoints, connects mobile and personal computing (PC) devices to Cloud-based services, enabling our Cloud and communication service providers to quickly deploy a robust set of advanced security and enhanced connectivity capabilities to their customers. This includes DNS threat protection, privacy relay, smart encryption, Wi‑Fi/cellular channel bonding, and more.


Premier Partners

Partner-first: powering private-label solutions for leading Security Companies and Communication Service Providers to deliver advanced security and connectivity solutions to their Consumer, Small & Midsize Business (SMB) and Enterprise Customers.

Key Capabilities



Protecting users online by extending our partners’ threat protection services everywhere users take their devices.



Encrypt is designed for automatic operation with configurable data traffic encryption across any network, such as public Wi-Fi. Configurable to encrypt only users’ unencrypted data for high-performance, low-cost security, or encrypt all data traffic for even more privacy. Provides secure browsing with encrypted DNS resolution supporting DoH/DoT.



Ensure users have seamless connectivity by automatically leveraging both Wi‑Fi and cellular data networks, such as in Wi‑Fi deadzones.



Provide high performance fine-grain zero trust intranet access with SSO/OAuth via partner’s SASE/SD-WAN gateways, using advanced DPI and routing that avoids the usual connectivity issues and application breakage associated with legacy VPNs.