Data Management Engine Deep Dive

Keep your enterprise users secure on endpoint devices outside the corporate network, even when employing SASE

Security providers need to meet today’s increased demands for endpoint device security, especially as employees work outside the corporate or small business network. Users engage with their mobile devices like never before. PCs, smartphones, and tablets are all being used in mobile or remote work locations.

In addition, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) capabilities are key to keeping company data secure. Our partners meet this goal because Mobolize is the only real solution to deliver SASE and ZTNA solutions to end point devices. It’s done by integrating our on-device, patented Data Management Engine into their security offerings, creating a secure perimeter around each endpoint device and precise encrypted routing for company apps and data.

The Data Management Engine is a comprehensive platform to deliver mobile endpoint SASE security that can be configured for our partners’ requirements including:

  • Extend ZTNA capabilities using fine-grain routing for apps and data
  • Secure web gateway including DNS routing and DLP
  • Wi-Fi security and on-device content block capabilities

Data Management Engine Benefits

Comprehensive Traffic

  • Intelligently directs data traffic using fine-grain, precision control routing
  • Flexible security management based on each partners’ configuration for any device, any network
  • Allows SASE to work on all endpoint devices with app compatibility
  • Configurable to provide various levels of filtering and protection from online threats including malware, phishing, ransomware and more
  • Works with any app or browser, HTTP and HTTPS, across a range of customer and/or end-user configurable content categories
  • Allows HTTPS traffic, including VoIP calls, internet video and web/apps, to travel direct to their destination
  • Inspects and applies policies to data traffic (both apps and browsing) across all data protocols so policy-identified content is blocked on the device for the highest precision, scalability, and optimal performance

Supports All Devices with a Common Code Base

  • Software parity across all solutions, including ZTNA and SWG
  • Available for iOS, Android, Windows OS, ChromeOS, macOS, and Linux
  • Protects and filters both apps and browsing across all protocols

Support for MDM and BYOD Devices

  • All features are supported for MDM and BYOD devices
  • Works with third-party hosted, on-premises, open or private DNS service/servers and configuration, query authentication, session keys and block events in addition to any location/network specific rules to provide protection and blocking status to mobile devices