Increase mobile device performance with a seamless, smooth handoff between Wi-Fi and cellular connections to take users out of dead zones.

Dead Zones Frustrate Users

Dead Zones Frustrate Users

At the edge of Wi-Fi networks or areas of blocked Wi-Fi reception, the handoff to cellular is often prevented because the device hangs onto the Wi-Fi connection. That’s a dead zone.

Take Users out of Dead Zones

Take Users out of Dead Zones

The way out of dead zones is to recognize them on the device, then leverage both cellular and Wi-Fi radios to create smooth, seamless handoffs. No hardware in the network needed.

Increase Data Performance

Increase Data Performance

Better customer experiences are insured by offloading to either Wi-Fi or cellular. This also helps control costs for the operator. Goodbye dead zones. Hello great performance.

the MOBOLIZE | Bond advantage

Manages mobile Wi-Fi and cellular data traffic by seamlessly choosing the best connection with no drops or hanging in dead zones.

  • Operators become heroes by providing a seamless connection between Wi-Fi and cellular networks which increases data performance and quality of experience for customers
  • Delivers the fastest possible mobile data experience based on operator and user policies
  • Customization of usage policies enables either a Wi-Fi first or cellular first strategy
  • Improves margins by increasing the mix of Wi-Fi vs. cellular data usage, especially for unlimited plans
  • Network neutral with no impact or management issues for the operator’s Technical or Network Departments
  • SDK is easy and fast to deploy via an existing or standalone App on both Android and iPhone devices
  • Requires the benefit of Mobolize’s SmartVPN® to bring traffic through its data engine, or proxy



MOBOLIZE | Optimize

Differentiate the customer experience by stretching data and controlling costs.


Leverage Wi-Fi security to build customer loyalty & attract new customers who want to be safe using Wi-Fi.

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