Case Histories

Smart Access and ZTNA at the real edge – the device

An enterprise business partner needed to move beyond the ‘Cloud Connector Client’ model and engaged Mobolize to improve performance, reduce security risks associated with the broad attack surface of the full tunnel VPN, and gain end user trust (separation of work and personal activity). Existing solutions only worked on managed devices to offer per app routing and split tunneling, thus limiting reach. Cloud Client Connectors tunnel all the traffic which has privacy issues for users, slows down the device and data, and some apps simply don’t work resulting in the end users turning on and off the client, not to mention the cost, scalability issues and large attack surface they create. The Data Management Engine, enabled via Mobolize SDK, delivers precision routing of traffic by app, IP and domain (no more managing a list of IPs that are constantly changing) and works without the need for device management (MDM). Privacy of end user personal apps and browsing is maintained as that traffic goes direct to origin. Business apps and services are micro-tunneled to exactly where they need to go while everything else runs unimpeded and full speed.

Protecting and Enhancing Wi-Fi

For a Tier 1 mobile operator partner, Mobolize delivers our Data Management Engine with SmartVPN® as a fully customized, branded application that automatically authenticates and provides Wi-Fi encryption with Wi-Fi/cellular bonding to improve security and connectivity for Wi-Fi networks. No user login process is required along with no need to remember to turn the VPN on or off, and no frustrating data disruptions when Wi-Fi is not working well or when moving between Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

Advanced Threat Protection and Access

For one of our enterprise security partners, Mobolize provides a set of customized, branded apps that enable privacy, threat protection and secure access to enterprise systems. These include split tunnelling of encrypted DNS, proxy of risky IP/HTTP sites, encrypted micro tunnels for enterprise data with custom certificates enabling payload inspection and data loss prevention, all while allowing non-enterprise traffic to go direct to origin. Mobolize provides an enterprise-grade solution that can stay constantly enabled protecting the device and user from online threats without the usability and scaling problems of traditional company access VPNs, or the endpoint protection gap and data routing challenges CASB only solutions suffer.

In addition, for this partner’s consumer business we deliver an SDK and a set of customized, branded apps for threat protection and content filtering. Mobolize’s on-device Data Management Engine provides split tunnel real-time DNS-based threat protection, automatic on-net and off-net detection, end user notifications and stats for scans and blocks, all while routing all data traffic direct to origin for the highest possible performance and scalability.

Private, Protected and Free

A major domain registry uses our mobile client to deliver a completely free, fully private, and encrypted DNS solution to users in a simple app. Mobolize provides a fully branded application that enables DNS encryption (DoH) to make all user traffic private from ISPs and hackers. The user can select to have malware, phishing, botnet, and scam protection as well as a Family safe content filtering option. The app tracks total items scanned, and, in the case of a threat block, the app will prevent access to the at-risk content and notify the user – even on encrypted sites and apps. Additionally, the app provides the optional premium features to encrypt HTTP content and an industry exclusive Wi-Fi bonding feature that will seamlessly augment poor performing Wi-Fi data with cellular data to eliminate content hangs, buffering and timeouts.

In-home protection, content filtering and privacy extended everywhere the device is taken

A major SaaS supplier powering in-home Wi-Fi experiences for tens of millions of homes, delivered via Communications Service Providers (CSPs) is leveraging the Mobolize Data Management Engine to provide custom content filtering as well as protection against online threats like malware and phishing. This is a powerful solution when the user is home and connected to Wi-Fi. When customers wanted to have the protection extend beyond the home, Mobolize delivered. The Mobolize software integrated into our partner’s app via SDK instantly and automatically turns on when the device leaves the home Wi-Fi network to keep users protected. The Engine extends the in-home solution anywhere the customer goes by routing and enforcing the custom filtering rules and protections on any network they use, cellular and public Wi-Fi, with on-device real time notifications and statistics.