Case History: Advanced Threat Protection and Access

Advanced Threat Protection and Access

For one of our enterprise security partners, Mobolize provides a set of customized, branded apps that enable privacy, threat protection and secure access to enterprise systems. These include split tunnelling of encrypted DNS, proxy of risky IP/HTTP sites, encrypted micro tunnels for enterprise data with custom certificates enabling payload inspection and data loss prevention, all while allowing non-enterprise traffic to go direct to origin. Mobolize provides an enterprise-grade solution that can stay constantly enabled protecting the device and user from online threats without the usability and scaling problems of traditional company access VPNs, or the endpoint protection gap and data routing challenges CASB only solutions suffer.

In addition, for this partner’s consumer business we deliver an SDK and a set of customized, branded apps for threat protection and content filtering. Mobolize’s on-device Data Management Engine provides split tunnel real-time DNS-based threat protection, automatic on-net and off-net detection, end user notifications and stats for scans and blocks, all while routing all data traffic direct to origin for the highest possible performance and scalability.