Case History: In-home protection, content filtering and privacy

In-home protection, content filtering and privacy extended everywhere the device is taken

A major SaaS supplier powering in-home Wi-Fi experiences for tens of millions of homes, delivered via Communications Service Providers (CSPs) is leveraging the Mobolize Data Management Engine to provide custom content filtering as well as protection against online threats like malware and phishing. This is a powerful solution when the user is home and connected to Wi-Fi. When customers wanted to have the protection extend beyond the home, Mobolize delivered. The Mobolize software integrated into our partner’s app via SDK instantly and automatically turns on when the device leaves the home Wi-Fi network to keep users protected. The Engine extends the in-home solution anywhere the customer goes by routing and enforcing the custom filtering rules and protections on any network they use, cellular and public Wi-Fi, with on-device real time notifications and statistics.