Deliver a Good User Experience

The Mobolize Data Management Engine Maximizes User Experience with Optimal On-device Performance

Result: Enhanced Security App Adoption

According to Industry News, “Mobile security isn’t a technology problem, it’s a people problem.” In fact, current studies report that 82% of corporate network breaches involve human issues because corporate security systems create friction in using security systems so many employees work around the security measures.

Much of the friction is about ease of use and performance on mobile devices. That’s one of the many benefits of Mobolize’s Data Management Engine with SmartVPN®. Intelligent traffic management can help address the bad user experience problems created by legacy VPNs. Mobolize’s patented technology not only secures endpoint devices, but it also ensures application and service compatibility while minimizing performance impacts to the device and data, including battery drain. In addition, the Engine provides Wi-Fi and cellular bonding on smartphones which seamlessly augments poor performing Wi-Fi with cellular connections that eliminates dead zones, resulting in a better user experience.

Our partners have seen this: users accept a legacy-styled security app but become frustrated with their smartphone’s performance. They blame the enterprise’s app and turn it off resulting in unprotected access to websites and apps. Users then become vulnerable to security threats on their mobile devices and can create entryways for hackers to access enterprise or small business networks.

But with an improved customer experience, smartphone users are more likely to adapt and maintain app usage. We’ve proven this with industry leading application retention.

Data Management Engine Benefits for Endpoint Devices:

  • Only encrypts what needs to be encrypted, eliminating round trips to servers with an inherent delay and doesn’t break apps like traditional VPNs
  • Mobolize Secure automatically protects users when on Wi-Fi (and/or cellular) networks
  • Mobolize Bond is the only on-device, server-free Wi-Fi/cellular bonding solution that increases mobile device performance by leveraging the Wi-Fi and cellular radios together creating smooth connections that eliminate the user frustration of experiencing dead zones
  • By improving the transition from Wi-Fi to cellular, apps, GPS, games, and streaming video continue to work seamlessly
  • Works automatically so mobile users always stay protected and connected without the need to turn on/off the VPN or Wi-Fi radio