Easily Ensure Endpoint Data Security When Using Wi-Fi

The Need for Encrypt

Most users utilize Wi-Fi to connect most of the time they’re on their endpoint devices. when away from the corporate or personal network. This makes Wi-Fi the most common entry point for hackers. Wi-Fi is a major target not only because of its prevalence but of the ease of breaking into Wi-Fi networks and hacking data, especially public networks at coffee shops, hotels and airports. Stolen data could contain highly confidential personal or corporate information leading to major attacks, including ransomware.

Many users and enterprises depend on legacy VPNs for protection but there are issues with this outdated technology. VPNs are frustrating for individuals to use which makes them challenging for mobile/service providers or enterprises to keep their customers connected and protected. Why? A legacy VPN is always on which impacts battery usage and device performance. That’s frustrating. It sends all data to a server to be encrypted. Not only does this increase cost and throughput but also impacts VPN-sensitive services like Netflix and Hulu so this content gets blocked. That’s even more frustrating because endpoint devices are often employed for both work and personal use. Ultimately, that means many legacy VPN users turn off the VPN leaving them open to security attacks.

The Mobolize Solution

Powered by the Data Management Engine, Mobolize Encrypt with SmartVPN® technology enables precision control for all data traffic regardless of network – Wi-Fi or cellular. It has full access from Level 3 (IP flows) through Level 7 (application aware path.) This allows recognition of which data needs to be encrypted or which should be sent direct to the destination server. The result – users don’t turn off their VPN because they benefit from next-gen security and performance, including:

  • Efficient traffic management – can encrypt only the HTTP traffic and allow HTTPS traffic (such as VoIP calls, streaming video and other already encrypted web/apps like financial/banking) to travel direct to destination using our unique split tunnel technique
  • Highly configurable – provides various levels of filtering and protection from online threats including malware, phishing, ransomware and more
  • Enhanced performance – enables best-in-class usability with highest app compatibility and lowest impact to battery and throughput
  • Cost reduction – minimizes server costs with smart data management, reducing tunneled traffic by ~90%

Use Case

Protecting and Enhancing Wi-Fi

For a Tier 1 mobile operator partner, Mobolize delivers our Data Management Engine as a fully customized, branded application that automatically authenticates and provides Wi-Fi encryption (Encrypt) with Wi-Fi/cellular bonding (Bond) to improve security and connectivity for Wi-Fi networks. The user is always protected and connected without the need to interact with the application. It works seamlessly in the background, keeping the user safe from Wi-Fi threats and data disruptions when Wi-Fi is not working well or when moving between Wi-Fi and cellular networks.