that enable
new business opportunities.

Delight your customer’s journey with value-added services that set you apart.


Mobolize your competitive edge. Smart customer engagement results in attractive products & services that kick up business outcomes.

MOBOLIZE | Discover
Gain a 360º picture of the customer’s experience – even when you don’t control the network.

Leverage Wi-Fi security to build customer loyalty & attract new customers who want to be safe regardless of how they access their mobile data.

MOBOLIZE | Optimize
Differentiate the customer experience by stretching data and controlling costs.

MOBOLIZE Solutions for Mobile Operators

What do you want?

Delight your customer’s journey with value-added services that set you apart.
Maintain insight and engagement with your customer – even when they are off your network.

Regain your competitive edge.

Increase business outcomes, such as subscriber growth, net promoter score, and customer lifetime value.

Gain control over roaming costs.

As the mobile industry becomes increasingly competitive, mobile operators around the world are challenged more than ever to stand out profitably.

You need to deliver new forms of value to subscribers. Create unique customer journeys. All without decreasing margins.

A continuous innovation strategy is imperative if you’re going to stay ahead of market competitors.

Mobolize products can not only provide differentiating, marketable, value-added services attractive to mobile subscribers, but also add new business opportunities that ratchet-up your outcomes.

A win-win all around.


On-device optimization solution that enables operators to reduce their roaming costs, which means increased revenue & maximized customer experience.

  • Customers can enjoy up to 80% more data without impacting cost or performance.
  • Deliver video cost-effectively while increasing margins.
  • Easy installation – multiple deployment options including an SDK integrated into an existing app or as a white label app for quick deployment.
  • Supports iOS and Android.
  • Mobolize provides patented technology on the mobile device – not on the network – with no integration needed.

MOBOLIZE for Roaming

Manage data costs & performance while customers are roaming.

Your best customers roam. More people are traveling for business and pleasure internationally.

While using mobile services while traveling delights customers, it challenges operators, especially in Europe with Roam Like Home legislation.

There is a better way. Optimize data usage directly on subscribers’ mobile devices – without throttling the user experience. By automatically setting bitrates that optimize video delivery, the requested video is delivered on the device, reducing stutter and buffering for improved viewing experience. Operators save on wholesale data costs while customers extend their data plans.

Operators can integrate Mobolize into an existing app, such as their care app, to deliver optimization. Or add MOBOLIZE | Secure as a stand-alone or bundled incentive to stay safe while on Wi-Fi. Either way, the customer journey improves with the enjoyment of video and (if included) increased Wi-Fi safety usage, encouraging offload. The mobile operator wins with smart management of data, thus controlling roaming costs.


Maximize your customer experience and engagement with Mobolize products, which are quickly integrated for a rapid path to deployment.