Mobile Connectivity

Increase mobile device performance with a seamless, smooth handoff between Wi-Fi and cellular connections to take users out of dead zones.

Dead Zones Are Frustrating

Dead Zones Are Frustrating

At the edge of Wi-Fi networks or areas of blocked Wi-Fi reception, the handoff to cellular is often prevented because the mobile device hangs onto the Wi-Fi connection long after it’s responsive. That’s a dead zone.

How to Exit Dead Zones

How to Exit Dead Zones

The way out of dead zones is to recognize them on the device then leverage both cellular and Wi-Fi radios to create a smooth, seamless handoff. The result is the end of frustrating dead zones and mobile users are always connected.

On-Device Bonding? Done.

On-Device Bonding? Done.

Our Data Management Engine can do this on the device because it immediately knows when Wi-Fi reception is bad. It switches to cellular, bonding connections between the two networks maintaining connectivity.

The Connectivity Advantage

  • Provides a seamless connection between Wi-Fi and cellular networks that eliminates dead zones.
  • Utilizes Mobolize’s SmartVPN® to bring traffic through the on-device Data Management Engine.
  • It’s the only Wi-Fi/cellular bonding solution that manages both Wi-Fi and cellular radios on the device.
  • Works automatically and fast so mobile users always stay connected.
  • Mobile users lose the frustration of being stuck in a dead zone when they leave a Wi-Fi network. With the Bond advantage, streaming video is uninterrupted, GPS doesn’t freeze, apps continue working and game plays aren’t delayed.



Mobile Optimization

On device optimization delivers ideal data usage and more from your data plan.

Mobile Security

Our SmartVPN® is the technology enabling our Data Management Engine.

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