Mobile Optimization

On device optimization delivers ideal data usage
and more from your data plan.

Maximize Your Data Plan

Maximize Your Data Plan

See the savings. Stretch data usage with on-device controls that efficiently deliver streaming data while improving performance with reduced buffering and stuttering. The result is more – and better performing – data for your data plan.

Experience 80% More Data

Experience 80% More Data

Optimize delivers 317 minutes of video at a bit rate of 480p compared to only 62 minutes of video at a bit rate of 1080p without using Optimize. It’s proven that your eyes can’t tell the difference in bit rate delivery, but your pocketbook can.

Optimize When Roaming Too

Optimize When Roaming Too

Roaming data packages can be a challenge. Although many have cost controls, streaming data can be used up fast with movies, video clips, webinars and games. Optimize manages data usage so users get more for less.

The Optimization Advantage

  • Customers can experience up to 80% more data without impacting cost or performance
  • No harsh throttling – data is optimized to reduce annoying buffering or stuttering.
  • Controls the bit rate at which streaming video is delivered to mobile devices so video maintains constant smoothness but has no discernible quality difference to the human eye.
  • Caches commonly used content to increase data savings.
  • Patented technology provided on the on-device Data Traffic Management Engine allows Optimize to manage the bit rate delivered to devices.



Mobile Connectivity

Increase mobile device performance with a seamless, smooth handoff between Wi-Fi and cellular connections to take users out of dead zones.

Mobile Security

Our SmartVPN® is the technology enabling our Data Traffic Management Engine.

Keep Mobile Users Connected and Protected

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