Block security threats and filter inappropriate content

on the Endpoint

The Need for Protect

Laptops, tablets, and handsets are used everywhere. That means employees working from locations outside the control of the corporate network to kids using them anywhere on any network.

Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) with DNS Blocking, URL scanning and IP blocking that identifies domains needed to be blocked for security on the endpoint becomes critical to protect enterprises against cyberattacks by securing unsuspecting users against malware, phishing and ransomware attacks.

The Mobolize Solution

Powered by the Data Management Engine and enabled by our partners’ DNS, IP and URL filtering solutions, Mobolize Protect intelligently controls data traffic with deep packet application-aware (Layer 7) inspection so it can keep data across Wi-Fi and cellular networks secure on any endpoint device. That means it can uniquely manage traffic from any app or domain and can block pre-defined content from reaching the device.

Mobolize Protect provides FWaaS on the endpoint for security based on enterprise policies or end-user preferences to protect data assets, reputations, block security threats and filter inappropriate content. Categories of traffic can be blocked including adult, spam and ad domains. Enterprises can maintain a frequently updated, configurable list of website domains of which apps and content to block based on enterprise policy, including known malware and phishing content.

Protect can supplement any existing blocking solution with true app and domain level detection and then enforce access policies. This is done across both in and out of home/office Wi-Fi and cellular networks which ensures protection across any network, anywhere.


How Protect Works

Use Cases

Protection for All

A major domain registry uses our mobile client to deliver a completely free, fully private, and encrypted DNS solution to users in an easy-to-use app. Mobolize provides a custom branded application that enables DNS encryption (DoH) to make all user traffic private from ISPs and hackers. The user can select to have malware, phishing, botnet, and scam protection, as well as a family-safe content filtering. The app tracks total items scanned, and, in the case of a threat block, the app will prevent access to the at-risk content and notify the user – even on encrypted sites and apps. This same app offers a premium subscription for Encrypt (Wi-Fi Security) and Bond (seamless Wi-Fi/Cellular handoff).

Advanced Threat Protection

For one of our enterprise security partners, Mobolize provides a set of customized, branded apps that enable privacy, threat protection and secure access to enterprise systems. These include split tunnelling of encrypted DNS, proxy of risky IP/HTTP sites, encrypted micro tunnels for enterprise data with custom certificates enabling payload inspection and data loss prevention, all while allowing non-enterprise traffic to go direct to origin. Mobolize provides an enterprise-grade solution that can stay constantly enabled protecting the device and user from online threats without the usability and scaling problems of traditional company access VPNs, or the endpoint protection gap and data routing challenges CASB only solutions suffer.