Security and Connectivity

Our Data Management Engine Delivers Innovative Security and Connectivity Functionality

Today and Tomorrow’s Mobile Requirements
Keeping Users Always Protected, Always Connected

Top service providers and security partners have and continue to integrate our patented Data Management Engine into solutions for enterprise, education and consumer markets. They are meeting today’s increased demands for mobile security and connectivity especially as employees work outside the corporate network, students chose virtual learning and consumers engage with their mobile devices like never before. Everyone wants to protect themselves and companies from hackers who steal data while staying connected when on the go.

Only our Data Management Engine offers a range of security and connectivity functionalities that can be configured by customer and/or end-user preference. These include: Secure (Wi-Fi security), Bond (Wi-Fi/Cellular connectivity), Optimize (streaming video optimization), Block (threat protection) and ZTNA (fine-grain routing for apps/data).

  • Partners choose what they want to deploy and can manage and adjust capabilities based on their evolving needs
  • All features are supported for managed (MDM) and unmanaged devices (BYOD)
  • Available for iOS, Android and ChromeOS as a private-label app or feature-rich SDK

Mobile Security

  • Our Data Management Engine enables next generation mobile data privacy and protection on the mobile endpoint
  • Our Engine’s patented SmartVPN® technology maximizes device performance and user experience
  • Protects users’ data on both cellular and Wi-Fi networks
  • Examines, encrypts and blocks activity from any network or website, across any network and supports cloud security
  • Inspects and applies policies to data traffic (both apps and browsing) across all data protocols so content is blocked on the device for the highest precision, scalability and optimal performance
  • Allows HTTPS traffic, including VoIP calls, internet video and web/apps, to travel direct to their destination
  • Delivers precision blocking in any app or browser, HTTP and HTTPS, across a range of customer and/or end-user configurable content categories
  • Integrates with third-party blocking lists or DNS and is configurable to provide various levels of filtering and protection from online threats including malware, phishing, ransomware and more

How Our SmartVPN® Works Compared to Traditional VPNs

The Data Management Engine with SmartVPN® advanced capabilities recognizes which data needs to be encrypted or blocked. The SmartVPN® provides fine-grain routing, including split tunneling, to deliver the data to the appropriate destination resulting in efficient traffic management.

  • HTTPS traffic, including VoIP calls, internet video and web/apps, are allowed to travel direct to their destination using our split tunnel technique
  • Reduced attack surface compared to traditional VPNs
  • Improved scalability and performance
  • Centralized policy management
  • Better usability and fewer app compatibility issues

Legacy VPNs send all data traffic (web, vide, VoIP, etc.) over an encrypted tunnel to a server. This is costly to scale, increases latency, causes application compatibility issues and high battery usage on mobile devices.

Mobile Connectivity

  • Mobile device connectivity performance can be increased by leveraging the Wi-Fi and cellular radio together for smooth connections including delivery of live video
  • Seamlessly leverages both the Wi-Fi and cellular network data connections to eliminate dead zones and keep users connected
  • Eliminates the frustration of being stuck in a Wi-Fi dead zone and improves the transition from Wi-Fi to cellular so apps, games and streaming video continue to work seamlessly
  • Customers and/or end-users can choose between conservative mode which uses a minimal amount of cellular to eliminate dead zones vs. aggressive mode that uses Wi-Fi and cellular networks together to maximize data performance
  • Works automatically so mobile users always stay connected without the need to turn on/off the Wi-Fi radio
  • The Data Management Engine also optimizes streaming data by efficiently using bit-rate controls to manage the video stream to right-size data usage, reducing buffering and stuttering which results in smoother streaming videos and happier viewers
  • No harsh throttling of data which can slow down web browsing and apps

Our Data Management Engine, mobile security and mobile connectivity functions are fully compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) to guard users’ data privacy