Smart Data Management

How our Smart Data Management Works

The Data Management Engine uses our SmartVPN® with advanced capabilities that provides high performance security around any mobile device. Unlike legacy VPNs, the SmartVPN® enables precision control for all mobile data traffic regardless of network – Wi-Fi or cellular. It has full Level 3 access to all IP flows on the device, plus is app-aware at Level 7. This allows the SmartVPN® to recognize which data needs to be encrypted, blocked, enhanced or sent direct to origin. It uses fine-grain routing, including split tunneling (full, split and micro-tunnels) to deliver the data to the appropriate destination. The results are:

  • Efficient traffic management allowing HTTPS traffic, including VoIP calls, internet video and web/apps, to travel direct to their destination using our split tunnel technique
  • Maximum scalability and optimal performance
  • Better usability with highest app compatibility
  • Fast and simple partner integration and centralized policy management