Monthly Stats for March

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As we did last month, we are reporting the results of our network optimization for our customers during March, 2013.

March was much like February in terms of cache utilization. For those websites and web apps that our customers configured CacheFront to cache, we delivered 76% of bytes and 77% of requests from cache.


In contrast, for non-Mobolized sites, which relied on the built-in browser cache, only 43% or bytes and 40% of requests were delivered from cache. The rest had to be delivered over the network.

That means that Mobolized websites consumed just 42% of the network bandwidth (24%/57%) that non-Mobolized sites did. And that’s in network environments that already are highly optimized with traditional network-based WOCs. Because those WOCs are “blind” to most SSL traffic (and because so much more web traffic is HTTPS instead of HTTP these days), there’s plenty of room for improvement, as our customers see every day.

In addition to taking traffic of their networks, we give time back to end users who don’t have wait so long for web pages to load. In March, we saved our customers a cumulative 267 days, or close to 9 months. That’s productivity!


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