Zero Trust Fails to Unify Security Endpoints and Identities if Deep-Level Data Management Isn’t Enabled on Each Device

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By Colleen LeCount, Mobolize | Chief Revenue Officer

Unifying endpoints and identities are considered to be the future of zero trust, and while significant progress has been made, there are still challenges when it comes to ensuring mobile device integrity. Currently, the technology falls short in meeting the principles of zero trust and delivering high performance for both users and company data. To address these issues, it is essential to deploy software on the endpoint that can effectively manage data down to the application-aware layers of the device. This encompasses critical features such as identifying the security health of the OS, detecting malware and hacker invasions, as well as ensuring comprehensive endpoint protection to prevent data breaches.

One solution that has gained traction in the industry is Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), a cloud-based networking and security service that combines several technologies into a unified enterprise security offering. It aims to simplify and enhance the security and connectivity of modern networks. However, a limitation of SASE is that while it can onboard endpoint devices and data traffic to the cloud, it cannot provide concrete proof of a device’s data integrity, and performance and security are influenced by the quality and reliability of the internet connection.

Identity breaches pose a significant challenge to endpoint security, with a rising number of incidents being reported. According to a Venture Beat report, 84% of enterprises have experienced identity-based breaches, primarily due to the increasing management of  endpoint identities resulting from cloud adoption and third-party/vendor relationships. These breaches often involve credential abuse, human error and endpoint sprawl, where devices are over-configured or lack security agents. Adoption challenges, solution fragmentation and organizational readiness are often leaving endpoints vulnerable as if a security agent hadn’t been installed.

Only an endpoint client can provide the deep-level inspection and protection to prevent these threats, especially on mobile phones which are continuing to increase as critical access points for employees when remote. On device data management is the only way zero trust can successfully protect and unify enterprises’ user identities and endpoints.

To effectively mitigate these threats, particularly in the context of the growing reliance on mobile devices as critical access points for remote employees, only an endpoint client can provide the necessary deep-level inspection, routing and protection. On-device, application-aware data management with precision traffic routing is the crucial approach for implementing zero trust and successfully unifying user identities and endpoint data access. It ensures that comprehensive security measures are in place to safeguard against security breaches and maintain the integrity of company data.

Mobolize has the unique expertise to intelligently manage data traffic on the endpoint to enhance security, enable precise routing and improve connectivity. Our patented Data Management Engine is deployed as a client (APK/SDK) on all major OSs and provides advanced multi-protocol inspection and routing across any network and for all data traffic.

The Mobolize Data Management Engine is an intelligent client that powers data routing and protection anywhere the device connects. Mobolize has developed the next generation of intelligent access and security technology to support today’s modern employees who work from anywhere and enterprises who depend on their employees’ PCs, tablets and mobile phone device integrity. Our Data Management Engine efficiently enables enterprise security and access on all our partners’ cloud-based solutions. With Mobolize, enterprises can be confident about a device’s data integrity and that SASE can confidently unify endpoints and identities required for real zero trust.

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