Application-Aware Network Optimization

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I just read a good piece over at Light Reading about application aware networking (AAN). The gist is that AAN will come after software defined networking (SDN) to automatically take advantage of the flexibility that SDN will provide. Why is this important? As the article states,

“Great leaps in mobility, device multiplicity, geographic distance, application variety, and sensitivity mean ever more pressing demands on networks, making it more important that they be able to “dynamically” (rapidly and automatically) respond to changes.”

This is music to our ears here at Mobolize. Our Endpoint Web Optimization approach is focused on dynamically adjusting to the needs of each end user to optimize the network. One point that the story makes that we have a different perspective on is this:

“…it is ever harder to tell where problems are and where they will emerge…”

Actually, it’s easy to tell where problems will emerge — network problems ALWAYS emerge at the endpoint, when the user requests data by interacting with an application or clicking a link in a browser.

That’s why our philosophy is to manage the problem at the endpoint to prevent the request for needless redelivery of content. This is in stark contrast to other approaches that let user’s data request get to the server and only then deal with optimizing the related traffic.

Endpoint + dynamic = a new approach to optimization.

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