ROK Mobile Partners with Mobolize to Maximize Data Usage

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ROK Mobile and Mobolize announced today that ROK Mobile has licensed Mobolize’s new mobile video optimization technology that extends data plans, delivering up to four times (4X) more data on their data plans. The partnership gives ROK Mobile users more bandwidth flexibility with their video streaming.

As mobile video streaming grows in popularity, mobile subscribers need more data. To meet this demand, ROK Mobile, a US-based Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), and Mobolize, a provider of mobile data orchestration solutions, have partnered to help deliver ROK’s commitment to provide value back to its customers.

The technology delivers video optimization that runs on the users’ smartphones, extending their data plan while also helping to smooth playback, with no appreciable reduction in picture quality.

John Janes, CEO of ROK Mobile commented “We believe that providing value to our customers is our #1 priority and responsibility. This new partnership adds another notch in our belt complementing our other social value-added services focused on life, legal, automotive and communication services bundles.”

“We’re excited to partner with an innovative MVNO like ROK Mobile to extend our software capabilities to more mobile devices,” Philip Mustain, Mobolize Chairman and CEO said. “Our software is on the device, not in the infrastructure, so it is deployable by mobile operators like ROK at a low cost which extends the consumer benefit.”

“With Mobolize on the phone, our customers will get much more out of their standard 5 gigabyte 4G LTE data plan,” said Kaan Kilik, Chief Operating Officer of ROK Mobile. “Embedded in our MyROK app, Mobolize works with virtually all streaming video, including encrypted video such as YouTube. This allows ROK to provide even more value and freedom, letting us attract and retain more customers.”

About ROK Mobile

ROK Mobile was founded by seasoned business innovators John Paul DeJoria (John Paul Mitchell Systems, Patron Tequila) and Jonathan Kendrick (British entrepreneur) as a lifestyle wireless company delivering social value added services with wireless plans. ROK Mobile believes consumers should expect more from a carrier, and its plans go beyond standard connectivity services of talk, text and data to include international calling, insurance and other value added services. For more information visit

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