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Here’s an article covering Sprint’s Secure Wi-Fi for Business product from TechRadar Pro, followed by a list of other articles. The Secure Wi-Fi benefit: automatically keeps company data safe and out of hackers’ hands when using public Wi-Fi when installed on a Sprint mobile device. Protects company data. Won’t eat into battery life. Uses a Smart VPN™ to encrypt the right data.

Sprint’s new mobile app gives you automatic VPN protection when you need it

By Darren Allan a day ago VPN 

VPN kicks in when you connect to public Wi-Fi

Sprint has released a new mobile app for its customers which detects when an unsecured public Wi-Fi network is connected to, and automatically turns on a VPN to encrypt and protect the user’s data.

The Sprint Secure Wi-Fi app is available for iOS and Android, and Sprint subscribers can use it on their smartphone or tablet, with business users likely to be particularly interested in gaining the benefits of encryption to keep sensitive data away from any prying eyes.

And the risks are obviously higher when it comes to public Wi-Fi – i.e. wireless connections in coffee shops or hotels – which is unsecure and potentially vulnerable to malicious attackers tapping into the network.

Seamless security

The real selling point here is the fact that the app works seamlessly, automatically switching itself on when you’re using a public Wi-Fi connection, and equally, automatically disabling itself when you leave that wireless connection (and, say, you go back to your cellular connection).

The app also gives you the option to turn on the VPN permanently, so your data is encrypted and sent via the VPN tunnel even when you’re using a secure Wi-Fi network, just for extra protection.

Sprint Secure Wi-Fi will be provided at no extra cost to those who subscribe to the firm’s Mobility-as-a-Service unlimited plan, but for others, it will cost $1.99 per month, per user. Note that you can also pay a one-off fee of 99 cents for 24 hours’ worth of coverage.

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