How to Avoid Customer Fireworks When Providing Wi-Fi Security

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By Colleen LeCount, MOBOLIZE | SVP, Global Sales and Marketing

It takes a SmartVPN® to eliminate customer complaints – or fireworks – about standard or traditional Wi-Fi security products.

Most Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) bought today route all traffic on the mobile device to the VPN provider’s servers. Yes, ALL traffic. And that is what causes customers a bad experience including breaking apps and draining battery.

Here are some examples of how using MOBOLIZE | Secure with SmartVPN® technology can eliminate these fireworks and make subscribers happy.  That means the service provider is happy too.

Example 1: At a Hotel

You’re on vacation in Mexico. You sign in to the free hotel Wi-Fi service on your mobile phone and the Wi-Fi listing signs you in under GUEST. But underneath that title it reads “Unsecured Network.” Feel a smoke bomb about to go off? Wait, almost immediately a box pops down from the top of your screen that says, “This site is now protected by ‘Provider’s Name.'” Even better, there’s an icon at the top of your screen – the letters VPN in a box.

Your data is automatically protected. No need to turn the app on or off. Smoke bomb averted.

The standard VPN user would have to remember to turn on the app. And, even if they did so, they’d often turn off the app because of fireworks created by the following examples.

Example 2: By the Pool

The sun feels great. The beachside pool is inviting with padded lounge chairs. You pick a chair that allows you to watch the beach volleyball games that will be played all day and hang with your family. The waiter offers a Bloody Mary and you settle in to catch up on reading news articles and in-depth reports of everything from your business industry to current news. You’re there all day, using your mobile phone, data fully protected by MOBOLIZE | Secure.

But you notice a few firecrackers popping around the pool from other sun bathers. They have to leave poolside early afternoon to find an electrical outlet to plug in their phones because their batteries are low. They need a recharge, taking them away from the sunny poolside and their family for an hour or so. Standard VPN apps may keep data safe, but they eat batteries, often at 20% – 30% faster. The app constantly moves data through VPN tunnels which keeps the device active in the background. Eating batteries. The firecrackers can turn into loud poppers as a relaxing day collides with the frustration of a drained battery.

The Mobolize SmartVPN® automatically turns on only when needed, not running constantly in the background and minimizing impact on the battery, particularly important when poolside. No fireworks here.

Example 3: Streaming Video

You want to catch up on The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu. You click on your app and are immediately taken to the site. You stream the last three episodes of Season 2. No fireworks. Just enjoy the story of Offred in the dystopian world of Gilead.

But you hear some ground spinners swirling around the pool as other loungers try to watch Netflix, Hulu or other apps that are encrypted. The Mobolize SmartVPN® does not re-encrypt any data or site that is already encrypted, like many entertainment companies that offer streaming services. Traditional VPNs encrypt everything, and that means they break apps. Frustrating users who are legitimate subscribers to apps but are refused access. That too can cause some real fireworks.

Late in the afternoon you are ready to clean up and go to dinner. You check your MOBOLIZE | Secure Wi-Fi app and learn you had 2728 Wi-Fi sessions secured in the last 30 days. Excellent Wi-Fi security, no extra battery burn, no breaking of apps – that’s worth celebrating with some fun sparklers.

SmartVPN® is a registered trademark of Mobophiles, Inc.

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