Moblie Industry Eye Interview: Mobolize’s Philip Mustain wants to make mobile operators content heros again

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By Tim Banks  |  Mobile Industry Eye  |  September 26, 2018

Smartphone users connect to Wi-Fi over 70% of the time. This is good and bad news to mobile operators. Good because it eases network capacity but bad because operators’ proprietary technology can’t manage a seamless handoff. More often than not, the user walks away from the Wi-Fi hotspot but the smartphone clings to the Wi-Fi signal making it look like there is no mobile coverage, or a “dead zone”. Poor network and data management are damaging to the user experience.

Mobolize has developed on-device software that enables mobile operators to manage this handoff smoothly so that the user experience doesn’t miss a beat and the door is open for operators to enhance customer engagement, increase revenue and drive customer lifetime value.  The company works with Sprint in the US and has just launched in Europe.

EYE caught up with Philip Mustain, CEO at Mobolize to find out more…

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