Mobolize Introduces Mobolize Bond That Increases Mobile Device Performance by Bonding Wi-Fi and Cellular Networks

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The on-device product prevents users being caught in data “dead zones” and delivers an enhanced experience for mobile operators’ customers

Santa Monica, CA, September 26, 2018 – Mobolize today is introducing Mobolize Bond, a new on-device software product. Mobolize Bond increases mobile device performance by seamlessly and intelligently managing, or bonding, a smooth handoff between Wi-Fi and cellular connections for users on the move to create the fastest possible connection.

It fixes poor consumer experiences as they travel amongst Wi-Fi and cellular networks and enter dead zones where devices often don’t disconnect from weak Wi-Fi networks to connect with cellular in a timely manner. Mobile users can become frustrated when they unknowingly enter dead zones where they experience lost or delayed connections to streaming video or music, apps, websites or GPS.

In recent Mobolize trials, Mobolize Bond demonstrated benefits to both network providers and users. The number of Wi-Fi networks accessed by users more than doubled due to increased connectivity and performance compared to not using Mobolize Bond. Users’ time spent on Wi-Fi networks tripled, increasing Wi-Fi data consumption by over 2.5 times, helping increase Wi-Fi offload for carriers. Additionally, trials have shown that 80% of users enjoyed a seamless downloading experience when browsing, with significantly fewer drops in service and lags in streaming videos. The majority of users reported that their data experience was improved.

Mobolize Bond adds to Mobolize’s suite of smart mobile data traffic management software and is a compliment to Mobolize Secure which uses Mobolize’s SmartVPN® to bring traffic through its data engine, providing the most efficient, secure Wi-Fi solution for the mobile device. The result is maximized data performance, optimized data usage and in the longer term, improved user churn and customer lifetime value (CLV).

“The issue of Wi-Fi dead zones has not been widely discussed within the industry until now,” said Colleen LeCount, SVP, Global Sales & Marketing. “While mobile operators understand the issue of dead zones, they aren’t aware that a solution exists on the mobile device to address the challenge. We’re confident that our new Mobolize Bond product is set to change the game for operators and mobile users alike.”

“Today, numerous disruptors are challenging the mobile market from changing consumer behavior to new technologies,” said Philip Mustain, CEO & CO-Founder. “Mobile data providers need to think smarter about delivering optimum data performance for a better customer experience.”

Mobolize Bond is network neutral, so it does not require any integration or impact on the physical cellular network or need to route to servers. The on-device software enables easy and fast deployment via an existing app or as a standalone solution and is available on Android and iOS devices.


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Mobolize’s on-device data management software enables mobile operators to deliver value-added services and products that enhance the mobile data experience, maintain customer engagement and increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Mobolize solutions are deployed on millions of Android and iOS smartphones.

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