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Digitalisation World  | November 2018


In this issue of Digitalisation World, there’s a major focus on the advent of 5G technology. Where 4G perhaps underwhelmed, there seems to be no shortage of excitement surrounding 5G technology and its potential to transform the enterprise. As one contributor puts it: “5G is a technological paradigm shift, akin to the shift from typewriter to computer.

5G technology is likely to hold the key for mobile operators to maintain a strong position in the industry, says Philip Mustain, CEO, Co-Founder, Mobolize

Operators are experts in meshing together the different spectrum frequencies for seamless connectivity across their network, making 5G and IoT a reality. The gold dust comes when the is seamless connectivity across cellular and Wi-Fi networks which is important now more than ever in the work place with remote workers and large enterprises owning big offices that needs connectivity throughout

Employees frequently move between Wi-Fi and cellular networks and can become key champions for 5G if mobile operators maintain – and even boost – the customer experience.

These employee champions are users with a mobile device in-hand and who move to meetings throughout a city or region; business travellers in airports, train stations or riding electric scooters; employees on the job roaming out of their operator network region into another region; or those just taking a coffee break to check emails or connect with family.

The benefits of faster networks and continuous connectivity should be maintained for the work place mobile user as well. Smart connectivity enables mobile users to have a smooth handoff between Wi-Fi and cellular networks – meaning they don’t get caught in “dead zones” where smartphones cling to a Wi-Fi signal making cellular connections impossible. Maintaining Wi-Fi security is a growing concern and a good service can be a loyalty hook. As video increases in use and operators begin to own and promote content, smartly optimizing data for efficient use becomes an advantage to both the user who enjoys unthrottled video and the operators who can better manage their network.

The industry’s progress to 5G in the workplace is important and exciting, but there’s a key need to support and enable the work place mobile employee on the path to 5G, and upon its arrival. The work place mobile user can’t become a forgotten second citizen to operators as they focus on using 5G for enabling smart cities.

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