The Fast Mode: Podcast: New Challenges in Data Roaming and Opportunities for Mobile Operators

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By Ray Sharma  |  The Fast Mode  |  August 27, 2019

The Fast Mode Podcast Series has Colleen LeCount, SVP Global Sales and Marketing of Mobolize sharing insights on the Roam Like at Home (RLAH) plans, and some of the challenges Operators are facing in this segment. Mobolize provides on-device data management solutions that enhance mobile data experience and customer engagement.

The podcast sheds some light on the following:

  1. The growth in roaming data over the recent years following the introduction of RLAH and the major content segments pushing this growth
  2. The erosion in revenue margins experienced by mobile operators on their roaming data plans due to the introduction of RLAH
  3. Other major challenges, apart from lower margins, experienced by mobile operators on their roaming data
  4. How smart optimization at device level helps operators improve their margins and tackle monetization of roaming data

Listen to the podcast on The Fast Mode site

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