“Limitless Intelligent Connectivity” is a Great 2020 Conversation

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By Philip Mustain, Mobolize | CEO and Co-Founder

Mobile World Congress 2020’s theme of “Limitless Intelligent Connectivity” is a conversation to continue all year. GSMA is doing a great job of this by offering video shorts that provide thought leadership and knowledge-sharing on a variety of the theme topics from user connectivity to security.

But remember – user connectivity isn’t just about 5G. Today, it mostly revolves around mobile users being able to seamlessly connect to both cellular and Wi-Fi networks as they move from home to work to coffee shop, etc. A common occurrence is dead zones where devices hang on to Wi-Fi networks and won’t let go even when the connection is weak or bad. The ability to smoothly switch to the strongest network is key.

Mobolize has the only on-device Data Traffic Management Engine that solves the dead zone problem and keeps mobile users connected as they move around throughout the day. Users remain connected to their business/personal correspondence and entertainment choices. And customer engagement time improves when customers don’t experience dead zones.

Intelligent connectivity includes intelligent security. There are many vulnerabilities to the mobile device, especially when connected to public Wi-Fi in restaurants, coffee shops, trains, buses etc. How do users stay safe?

The common Wi-Fi security solution is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on the device, but there are problems with traditional VPNs. They’re always on and use up battery power. They also redirect a user’s traffic to servers and encrypt everything. That means that companies such as Netflix don’t recognize the user and won’t allow access to a member’s subscription. No access means the user can’t watch an episode of supernatural, 80s angst “Stranger Things” when commuting or sitting in an airport.

Mobolize has an on on-device Data Traffic Management Engine powered by its SmartVPN® that encrypts only what needs to be encrypted. That means device performance is maximized, including minimal battery drain and no broken apps like streaming and banking apps that are sensitive to being re-routed. That’s smart secure time.

There are a lot more things to discuss regarding Limitless Intelligent Connectivity. Facts. Trends. User studies. Success stories. How to protect against those unseen things that can happen on the mobile device and affect connectivity and security.

We plan to discuss these, along with the Mobolize differentiator – our technology is deployed on the device, not in the network. Our patented Data Traffic Management Engine is the only on-device traffic management solution built for the mobile device that cost-effectively offers superior performance for keeping users always connected and protected.

Keeping users always connected and protected on mobile devices and Wi-Fi is part of the Limitless Intelligent Connectivity conversation. Let’s keep talking.

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