MarTech Series: Mobolize Chosen by Google Cloud to Enable Zero Trust Security from Mobile Devices

Mobolize’s Data Management Engine Technology Will Work with Google Cloud to Enable Zero Trust Access from Mobile Endpoints, Including Devices Running Android, Chrome, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux

Mobolize announced it is collaborating with Google Cloud to enable zero trust security access for enterprise mobile apps from managed and unmanaged mobile devices. Mobolize’s patented, on-device Data Management Engine will integrate with Google’s BeyondCorp Enterprise to provide simple, safe and secure access to enterprise mobile apps. This integration also will leverage built-in data and threat protection from the browser, offered with BeyondCorp Enterprise.

Mobolize is an on-device data traffic expert that enables service and technology providers to deliver their security and connectivity solutions to mobile devices. The company developed its Data Management Engine to use a common code for all endpoint operating systems. As a result, it is quick to deploy and ensures continuity of partners’ solutions across endpoints. This includes Android, Chrome, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems running on phones, tablets and laptops.

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