Wi-Fi Security provides a differentiating value-added service.

Subscribers Want Safety

Subscribers Want Safety

Stand-alone or integrated into an existing app, security automatically turns on when a user is on Wi-Fi. Encrypts traffic to ensure data is never vulnerable.

Be the Customer Champion

Be the Customer Champion

Provide a differentiating product as an incentive that attracts & retains customers who want to be safe using Wi-Fi.

Protection with Performance

Protection with Performance

Patented SmartVPN® delivers Wi-Fi security with maximum device performance — without draining batteries or breaking apps.

the MOBOLIZE | Secure advantage

Give users the Wi-Fi security they need & expect on public (unsecured) & password-protected Wi-Fi hotspots.

  • Mobolize SmartVPN® is a patented technology that saves battery life, turning the VPN on and off, using it only when necessary.
  • Seamlessly protects users when they join a Wi-Fi network.
  • Provides maximum device performance – doesn’t break apps or drain batteries.
  • Only encrypts what needs to be encrypted.
  • Provides a differentiating product as an incentive for customer loyalty, and an advocacy platform for attracting customers who want to be safe on Wi-Fi.
  • Helps customers feel safe using Wi-Fi so the mobile operator can reduce costs by offloading to Wi-Fi for customers while roaming or on a margin-sensitive plan like Unlimited.



Increase mobile device performance with a seamless, smooth handoff between Wi-Fi and cellular connections to take users out of dead zones.

MOBOLIZE | Optimize

Differentiate the customer experience by stretching data and controlling costs.

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