Data Management Engine

How the Data Management Engine with Fine-Grain Routing Works

Mobolize’s on-device software client, powered by our patented Data Management Engine, intelligently manages data traffic to enhance security, enable precise routing and improve connectivity. The engine powers a range of features, including:

  • Access – SASE enablement for cloud solution providers, including ZTNA and SD-WAN
  • Protect – Full IP threat protection, privacy and content filtering, split DNS routing, DoH/DoT, IP blacklists, URL scanning
  • Encrypt – Automatically secures data over Wi-Fi (or any network); doesn’t break VPN sensitive apps or drain batteries
  • Bond – Seamless handoffs between Wi-Fi and Cellular; eliminates Wi-Fi dead zones and augments poor performing Wi-Fi with cellular data

Data Management Engine advantages include:

    • Fine-grain routing, including split tunneling of any network flow and protocol to deliver the exact data traffic exactly where it needs to go
    • Works seamlessly with existing “on-premises” solutions so it automatically extends and enables “off-premises” without the overhead from tunneling all traffic to the cloud or branch offices, plus no extra hardware is required
    • Direct-to-origin routing from the device enables the lowest latency (hops), highest performance and maximum scalability
    • Supports modern authentication like OpenID/OAuth supporting continuous user verification and data inspection
    • Endpoint based FWaaS, DNS Security and URL Filtering to prevent threats and block content

Why Does On-device Intelligent Data Traffic Management Matter?

With today’s new norms of bring your own device (BYOD) and hybrid/remote work environments, seamless, always on endpoint device security is essential. Plus, with both leisure and business travel rebounding to pre-pandemic levels, almost a half a billion business trips will be made exposing employees to ever increasing cyber risks.

Endpoint devices are increasingly being targeted and vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks such as phishing, unsecure apps, malware, and ransomware. This is where intelligent data traffic management on each endpoint device is critical.

  • Legacy access solutions are not effective to protect employee and company data because the security is done in the cloud or networks, not directly on each device where data traffic needs to be managed so access isn’t limited, and performance and privacy aren’t impacted
  • Deploying app security on the endpoint is critical for SASE solutions to decrease security risks, improve the end-user experience, and protect and route company data exactly where it needs to go, with non-work activity going direct to origin from the client while operating seamlessly and respecting user privacy
  • SD-WAN hardware deployed for individual users is expensive and hard to manage
  • Users have a range of devices that they need to work from anywhere, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs
  • End users will turn off security on their devices if it is too complex or doesn’t allow them access to apps, leaving them and their companies vulnerable and, in general, they do not like managed devices / full VPN solutions which invade personal privacy of the employee

This results in higher performing, more secure solution, that improves the end-user experience by protecting and routing company data exactly where it needs to go, and non-work activity direct to origin, protecting the user against online threats and respecting user privacy.