Mobile Security

Our SmartVPN® is the technology enabling our
Data Traffic Management Engine

Manages Security and Connection Modules

Manages Security and Connection Modules

Our patented SmartVPN® manages configurable modules on our Data Traffic Management Engine allowing Wi-Fi traffic to be optimized, bonded with cellular for connectivity and smartly protected.

SmartVPN® Is the Right VPN

SmartVPN® Is the Right VPN

Our SmartVPN® is not the same as traditional VPNs. Because it enables our on-device engine technology, it eliminates round trips to servers and smartly only encrypts unencrypted sites so it doesn’t break apps or impact battery use. Pretty smart.

Subscribers Want Security

Subscribers Want Security

Mobile users are on Wi-Fi networks 70%+ of the time leaving them highly vulnerable to hackers. Users are becoming more aware they need protection but want a VPN that they trust and can easily use. Hello SmartVPN®.

The Security Advantage

  • Giving users the Wi-Fi security they need & expect on public (unsecured) & password-protected Wi-Fi.
  • SmartVPN® is the patented on-device technology enabling Mobolize’s Data Traffic Management Engine to provide the services of Security, Bond and Optimize.
  • Automatically turns on when users join a Wi-Fi network and turns off when users are not on Wi-Fi for seamless security.
  • Provides maximum device performance – doesn’t break apps or drain batteries.
  • Only encrypts sites that need to be encrypted.


Mobile Connectivity

Increase mobile device performance with a seamless, smooth handoff between Wi-Fi and cellular connections to take users out of dead zones.

Mobile Optimization

On device optimization delivers ideal data usage and more from your data plan.

Keep Mobile Users Connected and Protected

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