Monthly Stats for April

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Sorry it’s taken me so long to get around to posting the April stats. We’ve been crazy busy going to Interop, developing new marketing campaigns and getting new customers on board.


April looked a lot like the previous months, but with bytes served from cache ticking up to 78% from 76% in March. That’s indicative of newer customers having fully warmed caches.

In contrast, we didn’t save our customers quite as much time, in terms of page load speeds, even though we still provided a 4x acceleration on average across all pages.


One factor is vacations. A lot of people had their spring vacation in the first week of April, so total pages were down, so total time saved was down too.

The other thing I’m seeing here is that both over-the-network and from-cache throughputs were up over March, and quite substantially so. I think this has to do with the new customers we added in April being in situations where they have good broadband access, canceling out the effect of some of our international customers where many users have very thin pipes.

Nevertheless, we saved our end users 4,507 hours, or 188 days, or 6.3 months of their lives, time they used for more productive ends than waiting for web pages to load.

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