CacheFront Suite Grows with Two New Offerings

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Mobolize is excited to announce two new additions to our CacheFront™ suite of products today. CacheFront Express and CacheFront Professional will be generally available in early July, but CacheFront Professional is available in an open beta starting today.

The two new versions join CacheFront Enterprise to help large companies manage network traffic on their own WANs, as well as on mobile networks they don’t control. We do this by reducing network traffic by preventing it from getting onto the network in the first place, caching content on endpoint devices like laptops.

Most Internet users are unaware of how much unneeded traffic they produce by reloading webpages and pulling information from the same sites multiple times. Approximately 88 percent of all Web traffic today is static and does not need to be redelivered; yet this is still a daily challenge for most enterprise networks.

CacheFront was created out of a need to access web content without a network connection when traveling on business trips. Will Chow, co-founder of Mobolize, became frustrated with poor network connections while waiting for his flights at airports. He invented Mobolize as a way to “virtualize” web applications so he could take care of important business while away from the office without the worry of finding a WiFi hotspot that actually works.

CacheFront eliminates the redundant traffic on a network through software that is installed on each user’s device. CacheFront is then able to cache static content from frequently used Web-based business applications and websites that can be personalized for each individual’s needs and habits. By caching website content on the device, CacheFront reduces bandwidth and server requirements for business apps and websites frequented by each user.

The CacheFront suite offers three versions to address specific enterprise needs:

  • CacheFront Express: Focused exclusively on delivering network optimization, allowing users to create large, secure, dedicated browser caches for critical Web applications to improve performance and productivity.
  • CacheFront Professional: Same as Express, with additional offline reading of Web content.
  • CacheFront Enterprise: Our flagship product that offers the ability for customers to completely customize the software to work with complex, highly customized Web applications like SharePoint and, as well as any proprietary Web forms, portals and documents.

To participate in the open beta, go to

To learn more about our CacheFront Suite you can check out a demo at

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