Why Om Malik Needs CacheFront

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Om Malik posted earlier today about his frustration with hotel wi-fi. I share his sentiments, and I suspect many of you do too. Om sums things up when he states,

Of course, the place where one feels the pain most acutely is in the hotels — who in my opinion are the worst offenders in providing decent and generous connectivity … we are already starting to see that LTE networks are getting crowded and slower and slower.

This lament by road warriors is one reason we created CacheFront. By letting users create large, dedicated caches for all their important web apps and websites, CacheFront eliminates a lot of the frustration associated with thin pipes, like the slow hotel wi-fi that Malik cites.

With most of your important content already stored on your laptop, most pages load from cache instead of over the wire, leading to much faster performance and happier road warriors.

Hey Om, give us a call some time!

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