What would you do with an extra 48 hours each year?

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Take one extra-long lunch per week? Be more thorough brushing your teeth? Put in a bit more time with your top customers and prospects?

Two full days per year can be used in pretty much any way you want. But how can you get that time, without having your boss kick you out the door?

What you probably didn’t know, is that every time you visit a website, about 80% of the time is spent loading things you’ve already seen – like backend formatting, logos and other static images. In essence, your computer could be spending almost 80% more time than necessary loading the page.

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 3.33.01 PM

The average load time for a web page is a mere seven seconds, but think about how many sites you visit in the course of a day – for the average person it’s around 100 – and you can see how quickly it all adds up.

You can read a lot about IT optimization, but what does it really mean for someone sat at their desk? Well, now you know.

So with this new revelation, what would you do with your 48 hours?

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