Mobolize Awarded Patent Number 8,516,080

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Mobolize reached a significant milestone recently, when the USPTO approved our patent application for a “System And Method For Providing Virtual Web Access”, issuing us United States Patent No. 8,516,080.

That patent title might strike you as odd. “Virtual web access” isn’t how we usually describe CacheFront to our customers. We usually talk about the caching and synchronization engines, and how they solve problems related to bandwidth and offline use of websites.

But the origin story of Mobolize really is all about virtualization. Our developers have a lot of experience with other types of virtualization, and they wanted to virtualize connectivity because in a mobile world with laptops and smartphones, they wanted to deliver a seamless, always-on and always-fast connection, even if it really wasn’t, and web virtualization lets us smooth out the bumps when you’re on the go.

Well, they had to invent it because no one else was doing it, and now we have CacheFront as a result. CacheFront is currently virtualizing web access for some of the largest companies and government agencies in the world.

Our software developers have worked their butts off to create CacheFront, and they poured a lot of novel ideas into it along the way. We’re proud to have the USPTO recognize what they invented.

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