Sprint Adopts Mobolize Caching Technology

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Sprint Adopts Mobolize Caching Technology To Enhance a Variety of Services

Patented intelligent caching technology to be used to differentiate current and future Sprint offerings

Santa Monica, Calif. – December 3, 2013 – Mobolize, an endpoint web optimization company, announced today that Sprint has selected Mobolize to integrate Mobolize’s endpoint caching technology into a variety of Sprint’s cloud, wireline and mobile offerings.

Mobolize’s patented endpoint caching technology will be used by Sprint to enhance services that boost productivity as well as support business customers’ needs to more efficiently manage fixed and wireless bandwidth, and provide an alternative to employees when an optimal network experience is not available.

Mobolize’s technology puts intelligent caches on endpoint devices, benefitting users in a wide variety of work scenarios, including permitting access to web pages and web applications when users are offline. This unique offering is especially valuable for field-based and traveling employees who frequently deal with limited, or no, wired, wireless or Wi-Fi connections. It also frees up bandwidth for other cloud-based business applications that share the same bandwidth, enabling businesses to better manage traffic and network capacity.

“Businesses want a ubiquitous network experience no matter where they are and Mobolize’s technology helps ensure that happens,” said Philip Mustain, CEO, Mobolize. “Sprint understands that in a world where everything is shifting to cloud and mobile, it’s even more important to focus on ways of delivering better performance.”

Mobolize technology provides these key benefits:

  • Bandwidth optimization reduces network traffic associated with cloud solutions. When online, users experience consistently accelerated web browsing and access to web applications, including on cellular and small office networks. Web pages and documents load faster and bandwidth needs are reduced, resulting in more productive users and more efficient use of WANs.
  • The offline feature allows offline reading – and, in some cases, editing – of web pages, so users can take their favorite web content with them whether connected or not.

About Mobolize

Mobolize is a provider of endpoint Web optimization solutions for vendors in the cloud and mobile industries and their customers. With Mobolize’s CacheFront™ suite of products, mobile and cloud providers can eliminate the latency and performance issues of networks by removing up to 80 percent of traffic and accelerating access to web content by 10x. Its patented technology is used in Global 2000 companies worldwide and has been tested and proven by some of the largest banks, manufacturing, technology and consumer products companies in the world. Founded in 2009, the company is based in Santa Monica, Calif. For more information, please visit www.mobolize.com.

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