Introducing the New CacheFront Express

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In order to help our partners and customers optimize networks and combat application latency, we’ve improved CacheFront™ Express. We’ve totally rewritten it to make it faster and easier to manage. The headlines are that CacheFront Express now uses our patented Automatic Dynamic Caching and offers Zero-Touch Administration. Read on for details.

As always, we offer a free, no-risk, 30-day trial so you can see for yourself the impact that CacheFront Express can have on your network and applications.

What Does this Mean for OEMs, Application Providers & Enterprises?

Our partners integrate CacheFront Express into their hardware and software products to differentiate their offerings and improve the performance of their customers’ applications. Because CacheFront Express can be embedded into other software platforms or pre-installed on computers by manufacturers, we are able to speed up performance for a single application or for a user’s entire web browsing experience.

Our enterprise customers can use CacheFront Express’ new automatic dynamic caching technology to provide users with the best application delivery experience without any up-front configuration. CacheFront automatically identifies and caches each user’s most important content, so that each user has a customized browsing experience – and maximized optimization – without any admin overhead.

Fighting Latency

Important business applications, like SharePoint for example, can be unacceptably slow without some kind of network or application optimization.

SharePoint is an example of a browser based application that can have unacceptably high page load times.

SharePoint is an example of a browser based application that can have unacceptably high page load times.

We all know that slow page loads are frustrating to users, but research from Strangeloop shows how negative that impact can really be:

  • 78% of users feel stressed or angry
  • 44% feel anxious about e-Commerce transactions
  • 4% have even thrown their phones because of slow sites! 


Flexible Options

While the new CacheFront Express has been designed for “set it and forget it” deployment, we know that sometimes partners and customers want more flexibility. That’s why we offer access to our cloud-based Mobolize Management Console (MMC) for customers that want to monitor activity and report on network optimization. We also offer the ability to create custom configurations that can be pushed to CacheFront (from the MMC) to provide fine-grained manual control over caches. 


  • Auto-everything. CacheFront automatically and dynamically handles every phase of caching: creation, resizing and freshness checks.
  • Dynamic cache allocation. CacheFront learns from users’ behavior and automatically identifies repeat and favorite content for optimized caching, delivering cache savings missed by regular browser caches.
  • Intelligent cache space management. CacheFront automatically resizes caches according to user patterns and the cacheability of the content, enabling the least amount of storage space to deliver the highest cache savings.
  • Embedded into Internet Explorer. CacheFront is embedded into Internet Explorer, allowing it to automatically create caches for both unencrypted HTTP, and SSL encrypted HTTPS traffic.
  • Centralized management. CacheFront caches can be managed with the Mobolize Management Console (MMC), a cloud-based administration console with fine-grained rules. (Use of the MMC is an extra-cost option.)
  • Always secure. Remote data wipe & software uninstall. (Comes with the MMC option.)
  • Reporting. CacheFront provides detailed tracking and notifications, including statistics on domain, usage and connection monitoring. (Comes with the MMC option.)

 CacheFront Advantages



  • Zero-touch admin. No configuration is needed because CacheFront automatically determines which apps and sites to cache based on actual usage.
  • High hit ratio. CacheFront provides cache hit ratios of 30-90%, far higher than what browsers can provide, leading to traffic and latency reductions.
  • Network offload. CacheFront can remove an overall 5-30% of traffic from networks, independent of other network optimization solutions in place. Server load decreases similarly.
  • Reduced latency.  CacheFront delivers content to the user from the closest possible location to the user – their own device – for the lowest possible latency. This solves one of the greatest challenges with the move to SaaS solutions: the data center can end up very far from end users. Network heavy applications like Microsoft SharePoint can see page load times reduced from 30 seconds to 3 seconds for remote and international users.
  • No user impact. CacheFront is essentially invisible to end users and requires no inputs from them, so there’s no training and support cost.



  • Cache hit ratio of 30% to 90%, depending on user, application and available storage space.
  • Network traffic reduction of 5% to 30% of total traffic, depending on user and activity.


System Requirements

  • Windows: Vista, 7, 8.1
  • Internet Explorer: 8, 9, 10, 11


Get in Touch

If you’d like more information on CacheFront Express, just let us know. As always, we offer a free, no-risk, 30-day trial so you can see for yourself the impact that CacheFront Express can have on your network and applications.

Application providers and hardware manufacturers that want to make the products cloud-ready, please contact us at

For large enterprises that need to improve application performance, please contact us at


About Mobolize CacheFront

Mobolize CacheFront is Endpoint Web Optimization software that provides content delivery optimization at the point of greatest impact: the endpoint device. CacheFront’s patented technology automatically creates dedicated caches for users’ most important SaaS, web apps and websites, reducing latency and providing network traffic reductions. Because it’s installed on the endpoint, CacheFront actually stops requests for needless redelivery of data before they go over the network.

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