CacheFront Mobile Monthly Statistics for July, 2014

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As you know, our CacheFront Mobile app utilizes a patented, intelligent caching system to deliver data savings. It gives mobile carriers a new, inexpensive, scalable way to increase the capacity of their networks, reduce data tonnage, serve more customers and improve QoE.

A couple of months ago we released a free version of the Android app that consumers can install so they can save money and avoid going over their data cap. We’ve been collecting some statistics that we think are interesting. This is the first of what will be regular, monthly posts where we will look at and analyze the data.

This July, we generated a ton of data savings for some very popular apps and websites. Total bandwidth savings for Tumblr was 16% – even though a lot of Tumblr’s content is new and non-static, CacheFront Mobile was still able to deliver significant bandwidth savings by caching the static elements of Tumblr pages.

For a couple of the news sites that cover the mobile industry – FierceWireless and RCR Wireless – we were able to save 53% and 68% respectively. Even though the news stories are constantly changing on both sites, most of the page weight comes from the CSS and JavaScript, which doesn’t change very often. That’s less data that end users are using to read their websites, and less load on their web servers.

CacheFront Mobile users also saw savings of 46% from Pinterest, 61% from ESPN CDN (CacheFront saves data on CDN networks too!), 28% from AccuWeather, and 69% when accessing our own website.

Tumblr July 2014FierceWireless July 2014RCR WirelessPinterest July 2014ESPN CDNAccuWeather July 2014 Mobolize July 2014
Collectively, we’ve served 27% of the data for these sites from cache. Imagine how much more data you can use on your phone when it efficiently utilizes caching. If you’d like to check this out for yourself, download our free Android app from the Play Store.

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