Zuck Loves Caches

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Internet.org made a big splash earlier this year, announcing some laudable and ambitious goals, namely, to get the 2/3 of the Earth’s population not currently on the Internet, on it. They’ve partnered with some top vendors to research ways to make the Internet 100x more affordable.

We are very happy to see the prominence that caching is given in the video on their home page, at the 2:01 mark.

As you know, we’ve built our business on the benefits that caching delivers. We’re focused right now on serving markets with fast 4G and LTE mobile networks, where caching helps carriers manage data tonnage and serve more subscribers with the same infrastructure.

So it goes without saying that caching will be a hugely powerful tool for creating the kind of efficient networks needed in areas with less advanced mobile networks. We’re glad to see prominent people like Mark Zuckerberg touting those benefits.

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