Smart Strategy for Smartphone OEMs – Stand out from the Crowd

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You’re an Android smartphone vendor and you’re doing pretty well, but would like to do better in a very, very crowded field. You pull your hardware, firmware and OS from the same suppliers your competitors do. You may have a local sales and distribution advantage, but that can change at any time. How do you make your brand stand out from all the others in the marketplace?

You are not going to succeed by continuing the short-term tactic of loading your phone with “me too” apps developers pay you to install that your customers neither want nor need. “Bloatware” is the polite term for these unwanted apps, “crapware” the more colorful. To win, you need to think strategically and create a buzz by offering customers must-have apps they not only want, but will pay for on a continuing basis.

Nokia, Blackberry, Sony… remember them? At one time they were top of the heap. But they forgot an important axiom: your “outstanding” brand is only as good as the value your customers attribute to outstanding service and products. When those companies stopped innovating and offering customers compelling features, they were left in the dust by upstarts who did.

OK, fair enough. But, what are those preloaded apps that would make consumers recognize value enough to shell out their hard-earned cash? We think they are the kind of under-appreciated (by phone manufacturers)  apps that address security and cost savings, such as mobile security and data management. In an era of increasing hacker attacks, mobile security apps clearly have the value of keeping users’ phones  and personal data safe and secure. Data management apps help users get the most out of their data plan – sometimes twice as much use – eye-opening numbers for the frugal or media-hungry user.

Selling pre-installed, value-added apps that your customers will pay for not only gives you added attention and loyalty around your brand, it also provides you with a series of an on-going revenue streams.

We at Mobolize just happen to offer a suite of value-add, embedded, revenue-generating apps combined with a convenient, cost-effective expense and revenue-sharing model that will have you creating a brand buzz in no time. Check out our website or give me a call to discuss your next bold move to stand out in the smartphone crowd.

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