It Takes an Engine – Mobile Device Privacy/Security is Key, But So is Maintaining Mobile Connectivity

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By Philip Mustain, Mobolize | CEO, Co-Founder

There are two things that mobile device users want. One is privacy and security of their data and information. The second is staying connected when on the move.

Our service provider and network operator partners know this is what their mobile users want but the challenge is how to provide it. Developing services for mobile devices is very different than laptops including the fact that they’re mobile. That means regularly sending data over two different radios – Wi-Fi and cellular. The transition between these radios can create dead zones where customers have no connectivity. Additionally, while cellular networks are managed by the providers, Wi-Fi networks are often not. And that’s just the start of the complexities for managing security and connectivity on mobile devices.

The answer is the ability to manage data on the device itself – across any network the user connects – without impacting device performance or access to other services like streaming and financial apps. That requires a Data Management Engine on the device that provides the ability to manage data across all networking protocols.

Who cares? Our partners do because the ability of our patented Data Management Engine to precisely handle all data traffic on mobile devices (phone, tablet and Chromebook) allows them to provide the highest level of security, protection and connection for their users. The engine, powered by our SmartVPN® technology, provides a rich set of configurable capabilities that allows us to secure, split, proxy, block, optimize and manage all data traffic over both the Wi-Fi and cellular radio channel.

Demands on the mobile industry have grown tremendously in 2020 because of the need to work and learn from our homes. For example, like many companies, Mobolize is now completely virtual with our employees working from their homes throughout the world and we use our mobile devices more than ever. But that’s typical. According to GSMA, in 2020 there were eight billion mobile connections and their prediction for 2021 is that mobile broadband will account for more than 85% of total connections. By 2025, 80% of the world will be using smartphones.

That’s a lot of mobile. That’s also a lot of issues with mobile security and connectivity that need to be addressed to ensure users are always connected, always protected.

Our Data Management Engine solves these issues with the ability to follow our partner’s security requirements and read and recognize when bad actors attempt to phish or steal data from users. Our engine also can read when the two radios are in conflict and move the user to the best network to stay connected.

One of our partners offers mobile security to its users and they saw a tripling of subscribers for their security app in 2020. Plus, in a recent survey, almost 50% of users reported an improved Wi-Fi connectivity experience because of reduced interruptions, buffering, freezing and page failures.

That’s enhanced customer satisfaction with greater security and connectivity for the user that is managed on the device with our Data Management Engine.

Yes, it takes an engine to do mobile security and connectivity right. Our partners and their customers have experienced this. Rev ‘er up.

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