CommunicAsia 2017 – New Technology, New Friends

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CommunicAsia 2017 is done, but the value of attending will continue throughout the year. As a newly relocated employee supporting the Asia Pacific region, it was a good orientation into both the technologies and trends being adopted worldwide as well as the entrepreneurial technologies being developed regionally and from within the different countries.

The themes and topics presented were a glimpse into the future, with IoT and advancements in digital media being the most interesting to me personally. Many of the technologies being discussed and showcased exist and are being applied today, but I look forward to watching a future NFL Super Bowl via augmented virtual reality in the comfort of my home.

I especially appreciated the ability to network with new connections in the industry as well as catch up with a few old friends. I’ve already connected with many of them and have plans for further collaboration, networking and even plans simply to enjoy a few beers while I visit a new city with a new friend.

The event was well organized and Singapore is a great location with friendly people and great food. The highlight of the entertainment was attending the Huawei event at the top of the Marina Bay Sands hotel with great conversations and spectacular views. I could not pass up the opportunity to capture the moments as the sun set and the city lights began to illuminate the bay. As I posted the photos to social media for friends and family to view and comment, it was a reminder that all the technology on display at CommunicAsia is what makes it possible and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

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