Protecting Sprint Users This Summer

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There’s a terrific new blog post over at about the peace of mind that Sprint Secure Wi-Fi provides when you travel this summer.

I’d heard stories about people who’d had their data stolen while on Wi-Fi, but I guess I just hadn’t taken it seriously. In fact, someone once warned me about packet sniffers – where someone uses software to intercept and steal digital communications by grabbing “packets” of data that are being transmitted over Wi-Fi.
Luckily, I work for Sprint and remembered that we have an app – Sprint Secure Wi-Fi – to ensure that travelers, like me, can stay connected and keep their personal data secure. Basically, Sprint Secure Wi-Fi encrypts unsecured traffic. This is a fancy way of saying that this app converts data into a code, thereby preventing unauthorized access. To you and me, that means our mobile data will not be vulnerable.
We’re proud to hear stories like this about how Sprint’s Mobolize-powered app is helping people! Our turnkey, white label Wi-Fi security solution lets any mobile operator increase ARPU and customer satisfaction by keeping their subscribers safe.
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