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Patented Data Optimization Enables MNO/MVNOs to Plug Revenue Loss from Global Changes In Roaming Regulations

Santa Monica, Calif., Oct. 16, 2017 – Mobolize announces availability of MOBOLIZE for Roaming, a mobile data orchestration solution that enables operators to reduce their overall data costs while delivering new value-added services to subscribers that increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).

Installed on subscribers’ mobile devices as a standalone application (app) or integrated as an SDK into another app like Customer Care, MOBOLIZE for Roaming gives MNOs/MVNOs the ability to shape, route and block content such as video to optimize usage. Its data optimization solutions make sure only necessary data is delivered – eliminating waste, decreasing cost and enhancing the customer experience.

MOBOLIZE for Roaming uses patented video pacing and smart caching technologies to deliver mobile data and video optimization that:

  • Control the bit rate at which streaming video is delivered to the phone – cutting data consumption by as much as 80 percent;
  • Configure how aggressively video should be paced – choosing between higher bit-rates that deliver some savings and lower bit-rates that deliver maximum savings, with less buffering and stuttering;
  • Works with encrypted video, like YouTube, because it runs on the phone with true app-level awareness; and
  • Intelligently identify individual users’ favorite apps and websites and cache the most used content, to deliver maximum optimization.

Value-added services

In addition to data optimization, MOBOLIZE for Roaming enables mobile operators to provide   subscribers with Wi-Fi security while roaming and on unsecured public hotspots to:

  • Bolster operator brand as a leader in security while adding to lifetime customer value (CLV);
  • Encourage offload to Wi-Fi when subscriber is traveling off network;
  • Gain visibility and control into the mobile traffic that goes over Wi-Fi;
  • Increase ARPU by providing Wi-Fi security as a subscription service.

MOBOLIZE for Roaming also can help mobile operators engage contextually with subscribers at the ‘moment of intent,’ to:

  • Deliver relevant offers and opportunities, at the right time, at the right place;
  • Upsell data plans and services based on what subscribers are doing at the moment;
  • Configure event watching (e.g. accessing a certain app or website); and
  • Integrate with customer care apps for real-time notifications.

Revenue gap created by changes in roaming regulations impacting operators worldwide

Operators worldwide will find MOBOLIZE for Roaming is a powerful way to minimize the impact of recent cross-border roaming regulations. Regulations such as Eurotariff ensure European consumers can “roam like at home” with no extra cost. However, this means lower revenues for many operators who still face significant roaming fees, especially when their customers leave the EU, particularly with the explosion of mobile video use. If not proactively managed, it could reduce competition and increase monthly tariffs.

“Mobolize puts the service provider back in control of the roaming experience and costs – leveling the playing field,” said Colleen LeCount, SVP of Global Sales and Marketing at Mobolize. “While travelers across the world embrace inexpensive and often ‘free’ roaming today, mobile providers are well aware that an end to retail roaming charges, does not mean an end to wholesale roaming costs. As video continues to drive data consumption up by roughly 60 percent annually, many operators face a stark choice when their customers roam. They either end up absorbing the additional cost, losing their price advantage or crudely throttling data at the cost of customer experience. With Mobolize, both mobile providers and consumers can win.”

About Mobolize

Mobolize solutions are deployed on millions of Android and iOS smartphones around the world, including a Tier 1 mobile operator in the U.S.  Mobolize’s on-device software enables mobile providers to See, Control and Monetize data on any cellular or Wi-Fi network. Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) and app providers use Mobolize’s mobile data orchestration solutions to enhance customer engagement and increase revenue – driving Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and Net Promoter Score (NPS).


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