Operators agree on one thing… bill shock sucks!

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The buzz this month at MVNOs Europe was all about roaming’s impact on operators.

This could be a defining moment for the telecommunications industry, particularly in Europe.

For the first time, both MNO’s and MVNO’s alike were in complete agreement.  Since June 15, 2017, when the Roam Like Home EU legislation came into effect, operators and service providers alike have seen up to a 10X increase in roaming data!

Is this a surprise?

No, not really.  Any legislation that was going to take away the financial burden of using your mobile devices abroad, of course, was going to result in a spike in usage.

From a consumer perspective, no more bill shock!

Ironically, it is the operators who are now receiving bill shock!  Particularly those whose roaming traffic is imbalanced.

So much so, that some operators are doing things like:

  • Re-introducing throttling; and
  • Withdrawing roaming altogether.

Both these actions significantly impact the customer experience, and likely will result in increased churn.

Everyone agrees that video is the driving factor behind the growth of data and the growing use of data is here to stay. And, in addition to the margin pressure of Roam Like Home, many operators are looking at differentiating with unlimited mobile data plans.

Who will be the winners?  What will be the cost impact?  Who knows?

What I do know, Mobolize can reduce data by up to 80%.

Yes, a network-agnostic, device-based data optimization solution that can help operators and service providers reduce the impact of data and allow customers to enjoy more.

Somehow, I think this will be something they too will be in agreement! 

Anthony Floyd
Mobolize | Strategic Partnerships

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