Scary Halloween Cybersecurity Story – and Music Playlist –Tell How to Keep Portable Devices Secure

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By Sam Koch, Solutions Engineer | Mobolize

This Halloween, we would like to tell you a true and scary story. It’s about traditional VPNs and how they don’t really work for Secure Access Service Edge (SASE). Nope, they don’t. They let in the bad actors who then rip apart corporate networks, stealing data and sometimes taking control of networks and asking for ransom money to give control back.

But we’re telling you this scary story with our annual Halloween playlist that lets you enjoy fun Halloween songs while learning about the very real and scary cybersecurity bad guy – the traditional VPN.

Ready? Hit play.

1. Here’s the opener for our story and it’s about ghosts. Whether the ghost is Casper the Friendly Ghost or ghosts watching your internet traffic and stealing your data without you knowing, ghosts are out there. Be aware.

2. There are more spooky, scary and “Stranger Things” out there. Not just people with supernatural powers with the ability to form new dimensions, like the upside down, but people who hack your password just for fun.

3. Those hackers are lurking in their dark bedroom, plotting and planning their next digital attack. No one knows where or when they might strike next. I’ve been telling everyone that “Somebody’s Watching Me” but there’s nothing I can do but wait.

4. They told me to just listen to my radio and wait for those “Creeps” to show up. I hope that my legacy remote access VPN will be enough to keep me secure, but the reality is that legacy VPNs just make portable device security worse.

5. Because when someone hacks into a remote access VPN, they get access to everything. That’s all your corporate (and personal) data and apps. SASE using a traditional VPN can’t protect against that. It can leave you and your corporation feeling “Haunted”.

6. But now is not the time to sit back and let it happen. There is something you can do to fight back against those pesky “Demons”. It starts with trust, having Zero Trust of anyone accessing your apps and data. And now the hero of the story enters – the Mobolize Data Management Engine that provides the security needed to keep everything protected on portable devices and support SASE. Portable: that’s laptops (the mobile device in today’s work landscape), smartphones and tablets. Data Management Engine security uses fine-grain traffic management that traditional VPNs can’t do, and intelligently traffics data based on corporate requirements.

7. If you’re scared to deal with (security) death, you should know that in today’s real world it’s near inevitable you will get hacked using legacy VPN security. All I can say is “Don’t Fear the Reaper”. Act now before it’s too late. Mobolize’s Data Management Engine – the portable device hero – is here to help.

8. With Mobolize, you can keep you and your workers safe and secure from those creepy, ghost-like demons. Your journey to modern day security is sure to be a “Thriller”.

9. If we work together, by using the Mobolize Data Management Engine, we can flip things around on those hackers and turn it into a “Monster Mash” and then we will see who is laughing (perhaps also at how badly good this song really is).

10. On Halloween it’s tradition to be scared and we found no better way than listening to this last song.Proceed with Caution… you might actually be scared by the theme song from the psychological thriller “US”, where composer Michael Ables said he wanted the opening song to sound like an “evil march”.

Interview with music composer Michael Abels

We hope our Halloween security story scared you, not just with the songs, but with the issues of legacy security VPN solutions that can’t protect portable devices. Have no fear, Mobolize is here to provide you with the latest security approaches that scale and work across all your workers devices so you can sleep easy and without any nightmares.

Happy Halloween.

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