Mobolize shortlisted for this year’s WBA Industry Awards

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Joining companies shaping the future of wireless, Mobolize participated in this year’s Wireless Global Congress in New York.  As part of the event, the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA) Industry Awards judges shortlisted Mobolize for the Best Industrial Wireless Service Innovation.  The category is for pre-commercially or commercially available products, devices, applications or services that have been tested, trialed or deployed in at least one country/market by the time of awards entry deadline.

Our submission, Power to the Edge! Mobolize Brings Data-Orchestrated Solutions to Mobile Devices garnered significant interest and conversations during the conference. This provided further confirmation of how our capabilities, including MOBOLIZE | Secure – a Wi-Fi solution in the market with Tier 1 operators such as Sprint, are relevant to trends and investments by the global companies looking to enhance and expand the use of Wi-Fi.  It also demonstrated our essential role in a world of converged Wi-Fi/cellular services.


Here is a copy of our award submittal.  It’s a good read.

Power to the Edge!  Mobolize Brings Data-Orchestrated Solutions to Mobile Devices


Mobolize’s Data Orchestration Software moves the ability to see, control and monetize mobile data directly to users’ mobile devices — powering unique solutions like Wi-Fi security anywhere, data flow optimization, and much more.

For example, the MOBOLIZE|Secure [link] solution protects users from hackers when data is used on Wi-Fi hotspots. MOBOLIZE|Secure encrypts data when a device is connected to a Wi-Fi network by using patented SmartVPN® technology that automatically turns itself on and off only when needed – making it easier and more efficient than any other solution on the market.  Additionally, the company’s MOBOLIZE|Optimize solution saves end customers and mobile operators money by only delivering the amount of data required for optimal user experience. Using advanced data caching and video optimization technology, subscribers can now watch twice as much video on apps and websites with less stuttering and buffering – without having to spend more money.  Mobolize software is deployed on millions of Android and iOS smartphones around the world, including the devices of a Tier 1 mobile operator in the U.S.

Case Details

Mobolize envisions a world where any product or service provider in the mobile ecosystem can improve users’ mobile lives by providing users greater choice and control.

MOBOLIZE|Secure is Mobolize’s automatic privacy protection offering that gives users the Wi-Fi security they need and expect. The service encrypts unsecured traffic to ensure users’ data is never vulnerable. It is the only SmartVPN® solution that automatically turns itself on and off, making it easier and more efficient to use.

End-users benefit from the increased level of security that protects both apps and web browsing and automatically activates whenever a user is on an unsecured hotspot with a Secure Wi-Fi indication, so no end user action is required. Additionally, encryption is only enabled when needed, so there’s no unnecessary latency or additional battery drain. When users switch to a secure cellular or Wi-Fi network, it stops encrypting and redirecting. Mobolize’s patented SmartVPN® technology is unique in the market, only encrypting traffic that needs it. Compared with traditional VPNs that encrypt all traffic when they are on, Mobolize software runs lighter on the phone – using less battery and introducing less latency. It is also less expensive to run because much less data has to be processed by encryption servers.

Data protected by MOBOLIZE|Secure cannot be intercepted and read by any of the methods that hackers typically use on unsecured Wi-Fi networks (packet sniffers, hotspot impersonation, etc.), keeping users’ mobile data usage private at all times.

For operators, MOBOLIZE|Secure provides a new source of revenue because it can be sold as a monthly service to users. Because it is sold as a turnkey, white label solution, mobile operators now have a unique way to offer Wi-Fi security to their subscribers under their brand. The incremental revenue helps operators recoup lost revenue from other services like voice and SMS; while differentiating their services from other carriers in the highly competitive mobile communications marketplace.

For end-users, MOBOLIZE|Secure is geared towards reducing privacy concerns by providing peace of mind when joined to a Wi-Fi hotspot that their data will be protected. Currently, Tier One U.S. mobile operator Sprint offers Secure Wi-Fi as a branded solution to its subscribers. They are taking a lead in technology, revenue from security services, and customer goodwill.

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