Why Does the Mobolize SmartVPN® Not Gobble Up Battery Power Like Standard VPNs?

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By Patrick Moore, MOBOLIZE | Vice President Strategic Sales

It can be scary out there in Mobile Device Land. We’ve all heard the stories about hackers who sit at airports, hotels and even the local coffee shop using spy apps to remotely obtain access to the data on your phone or mobile device. The bad guys or gals could be the nice person intently looking at their mobile device across the room. And you don’t know if you’ve been hacked until your credit card number is used for something you didn’t buy. Or your contact list is stolen and false requests for money are sent to your friends and family.

You want to protect your data, so you buy a standard Wi-Fi security software package (called a VPN) that claims to protect you from these bad guys. It will protect your data. It will also use your battery faster because it is always on. It’s on when you are using Wi-Fi and need the protection, but it is also on when you’re off Wi-Fi and even when your phone is not being used. When it is in your pocket or purse or on the nightstand when you sleep, the security software is constantly on in the background eating up your battery.

The history of VPN technology helps explain why. I’ll keep it easy. VPNs originated for use on the computer. Those big clunky ones we used to use that were generally plugged into an electrical outlet. In effect, they redirected data traffic through separate, protected “tunnels” to specific protected servers. The technology required VPNs be on all the time and that basic technology hasn’t changed.

Then mobile devices and popular Wi-Fi usage came onto the scene. VPNs are used on mobile devices to protect data when using Wi-Fi for companies and individuals. But mobile is in the name and these devices are not always plugged in or even near an electrical outlet. Standard VPNs are still always on in the background using up batteries whether the user is on Wi-Fi or not. At the end of the day, that can mean cutting battery usage by two to three hours.

Why? Because standard VPNs are not smart. They do one thing – once the VPN routine is loaded on the device it stays on, using your battery whether in use or not. They can’t interpret when the user is on Wi-Fi or not. So, they stay on constantly in the background doing their job. Using your battery. Being a power hog. Forcing you to search for a charging station no matter where you are.

Enter MOBOLIZE | Secure with SmartVPN®. It detects when you’re on Wi-Fi and turns on. It also detects when you’re not on Wi-Fi and turns off. It is not always on in the background. That means it doesn’t waste its time or your battery power. Detecting when your mobile device is on Wi-Fi and turning on only when needed is pretty smart. In fact, very smart.

The result? Mobolize SmartVPN® helps you be less tied to your battery charger while you enjoy your mobile browsing, giving you more freedom in your busy day. Yes, that’s very smart.

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