Wi-Fi Passwords Won’t Protect Data – Only SmartVPN® Encryption on the Mobile Device Keeps Data Totally Safe

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By Patrick Moore, MOBOLIZE | Vice President Strategic Sales

I connected to a public Wi-Fi with a password, so I don’t have to worry about hackers, right?

Not true. I’m not safe because I’m NOT the only one with the password or access to the path my data travels. Hackers can infect public Wi-Fi routers with malware, enabling them to steal login credentials and passwords without a user’s knowledge.

Here’s how it works. When a mobile device is connected to a public Wi-Fi router, bits are sent through the network.  Anybody connected to that same router by using the same password with a snooping device for cracking the router’s security can see what’s being sent. That’s called being hacked.

Here’s my experience: The sound technician that just updated my new sound system needed my Wi-Fi password to set up and test the system. Wow. So much for a private password. Then, the guy sitting in the aisle across from me on the flight during which I wrote this blog on my iPad kept looking at my keyboard. We were both on the plane’s Wi-Fi, both using the same password, but his attitude seemed suspicious. Was he using readily available software found on Google to hack into my device?

The fix for total mobile device security is to encrypt data traffic ON THE DEVICE. That way data becomes secure BEFORE the Wi-Fi router sends those bits through the network. Never rely on the router’s password to protect data because it can’t be kept totally safe.

Encrypt data on the device? How do you do that?

It’s easy. MOBOLIZE | Secure is a white label product often sold as Secure Wi-Fi. It’s the only security software with Mobolize’s SmartVPN® that is resident on the phone. Smart because it encrypts only unencrypted data on the phone before those bits start flying. Smart because it doesn’t use a lot of battery power and doesn’t break apps. That makes mobile users security smart.

Mobile Operators– make sure your customers are security smart. Connect with Mobolize to see how easy it is to install SmartVPN® and how it will improve business with a higher Customer Lifetime Value (CLV.)

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