Goodbye Dead Zones. Hello Higher CLV. Introducing MOBOLIZE | Bond, the Only On-Device Solution Providing Smooth Handoffs Between Wi-Fi & Cellular Connections

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By Colleen LeCount, Senior VP, Global Sales and Marketing

I’m constantly on the go, and that means staying connected via my mobile phone is essential to my job and life. I walk through airports, down city streets, in and out of hotel lobbies and customers’ offices. I need to stay connected to my data at all times, from Uber ride requests to important emails and videos to maintaining an accurate GPS.

Like all mobile people, as we move through those spaces, we also move amongst and between cellular and Wi-Fi networks. And there’s the problem. My phone doesn’t smoothly move between these various networks and keep me connected. In fact, I often experience delayed downloads or sometimes I’m dropped from a network and find it difficult to reconnect.

Fortunately, Mobolize now solves this key problem for me – and soon the billions of mobile subscribers globally. Today, we introduced MOBOLIZE | Bond – on-device data management software that seamlessly and intelligently manages a smooth handoff between Wi-Fi and cellular connections for users on the move. Managing the handoff fixes poor consumer experiences with Wi-Fi, especially as they enter what is called dead zones where devices often don’t disconnect from unusable or blocked Wi-Fi networks in a timely manner. And since their device sees they’re on Wi-Fi still, it doesn’t switch them to cellular, creating extreme frustration with lost or delayed connections to streaming video or music, apps, websites and maps.

Sound familiar? As mobile users, we are often inconvenienced by dead zones causing us to either just deal with it or turn our Wi-Fi radio off.

I’m happy to report that we no longer have to suffer. There’s now a solution that can easily be deployed on the device to help solve this problem. MOBOLIZE | Bond is the latest feature in the Mobolize suite of mobile data management solutions, which monitors the quality of Wi-Fi networks, and when it finds one that hangs or is unresponsive, it instantly switches over to cellular.  When the mobile user enters another strong Wi-Fi network, it switches the connection back to Wi-Fi. All this is done seamlessly by the Mobolize software, ensuring the user maintains a constant connection.

Additionally, Bond can simultaneously use both the Wi-Fi and cellular channels to create the fastest possible connection, further enhancing the overall data experience on the mobile device.

For mobile operators, there are many benefits of deploying MOBOLIZE | Bond. This includes the ability to better manage network usage policies for a Wi-Fi or cellular first strategy, improving margins. And, since the software is resident on the mobile device through an app (SDK integration), there is no impact on the physical network or the need for servers.

All that means happier customers and a higher Customer Lifetime Value (CLV.) What’s not to love about that?

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